The Spirited Woman
FALL lights up the sky with a change of seasons. A great time to read and gift a book to family and friends or yourself. On our Fall Top 12 Book Pick list, we've included an array of gifted authors to help you be uplifted. We urge you to support these spirited talents! Save this list all year round! A great book resource for you.
TREE SPIRITED WOMAN - MULTI-AWARD WINNING BOOK!  OVER 20,000 COPIES SOLD! A story of spiritual awakening and life enrichment wherever one is in their life journey. This is a Must read for Women everywhere.  Tree Spirited Woman feeds ones soul and invites the reader to look into a mirror of personal reflection. The Perfect Gift!

THE JOY OF CREATIVE DISCOVERY: PRACTICES TO RECLAIM YOUR PURPOSE & PASSION - Step out of your comfort zone and into the discovery zone with this engaging and transformative workbook. Designed to help adults manage stress and move forward in life, this book sets the stage to explore the timeless questions: Who am I? and Why am I here? Amazon.

TTHE WAY OF THE MYSTERIAL WOMAN - is for every woman who is a change maker in these turbulent times. Grounded in 15 years of research, Suzanne Anderson and Susan Cannon show us how to activate deeply embodied codes that accelerate the emergence of our Feminine and Masculine strengths and liberate profoundly new levels of wisdom, love and power.

THE BILLIONAIRE: THE CONTINUUM - At the edge of death, what is waiting for us? Life on fast forward? Light at the end of the tunnel? What is life review? "The Billionaire" is a novel mixed with big questions about power, corruption, greed, love, sacrifice, evil vs. good, human trafficking, and of course, the afterlife! 

THE REBEL PATIENT: FIGHT FOR YOUR DIAGNOSIS - Teaches you how doctors think written by Margaret Aranda, MD who survived two brain injuries after a near-death experience. This has the pulse of the people including those with chronic illnesses and pain syndromes, especially the unexplained. Fight for your diagnosis. Speak your mind with the actual suggested words like, " What is my diagnosis?"

THE CREATIVE ACTIVIST: MAKE THE WORLD BETTER, ONE PERSON, ONE ACTION AT A TIME - Personal development meets leadership, 36 stories of people who have used their creative gifts and vision to become fierce advocates for change. Unleash your power; Discover your passion and purpose; Find your creative voice; Build successful collaborations; Turn your ideas into action. Amazon

REIMBURSE THE UNIVERSE - Takes the reader on a journey that encourages them to recognize the beauty in themselves, the world around them, and how to foster that beauty into actions in everyday life. Lisa McDonald's second book is guaranteed to bring a smile while imparting an important lesson: we must give back in order to appreciate what we've been given.

AM I GOING TO BE OKAY? by author Debra Whittam is a thought provoking true life story of growing up in a family riddled with mental illness and addiction and the effect it had on the children during their formative years. It touches profoundly on the relationship between family fears and frustrations and how they affect a person's level of self-esteem. Amazon.


YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH - by Judi Moreo. In this high pressure, high stressed, fast paced world, most of us set our dreams aside just to get by. In this powerful book, Judi shares the ideas and techniques she used which clarified her path and made easier her journey to becoming the person she knew she could be.  Amazon
POWERFUL HABITS TO GROW YOUNGER EVERY DAY - LOOK AND FEEL 10 YEARS YOUNGER NATURALLY! - Holistic health expert Wendy Vineyard shows you exactly how to choose natural do-it-yourself anti-aging solutions that actually work - especially when you harness the power of habit to prevent or reverse premature aging. Start now to live strong, pain-free, sharp-as-a-whip and beautiful into advanced old age. Amazon.

UNSTUCK: ONE HEROINE'S JOURNEY OF ART & THE COURAGE TO LIVE ON PURPOSE - is a visual memoir. After a failing marriage and losing her baby, Vicki Todd received a Call to Adventure that led to earning a doctorate degree, divorce, and cross-country move. She returned to art - a purging release - and began painting a visual diary. Amazon.

IT FEELS GOOD TO FEEL GOOD - by Cheryl Meyer. This book identifies the toxins in our lives that are attacking our immune system. They are everywhere. Toxic load increases over time causing our chronic illness. Eliminate toxins from your life for your health, for the health of your families and for the health of our planet. I teach you how. Amazon

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