Bulldog Spotlight:
Meet Destiny!

Some of these photos may be hard to accept, but unfortunately, this is the reality of dogs that are shamefully neglected. This is the reality of rescue. The Craigslist posting pitched something along the lines, "AKC-registered Bulldog for sale. Very sweet. Loves people and attention."
The sweet young woman who saw the post was so excited. She loved her own Bulldog so much, and what could be better than one? Two Bulldogs!
But then she met 4-year-old Destiny ... and she described the situation as shocking.
The dog had open sores and an infection dripped from her tail. She didn't walk ~ she hobbled. The open wound on the side of the dog's face was so painful, she could hardly stand to have it cleaned. The woman knew Destiny had more medical needs than she was prepared for, but there was no way she could leave the dog there. Not for one more day.
 Destiny limped to her car, licked the woman on her face and somehow knew better days were ahead.

And then the wonderful woman contacted rescue, asked for help and drove Destiny to Dr. Larsen's office. With tears running down her face, she knew she had made the right decision.
She hugged Destiny, told she loved her, and said she would follow her journey through rescue online.

Recent Update: Destiny’s sores are drying up and she already looks so much better. The medicated baths are really helping. We may never know everything this girl has gone through to get in this shape, but we know she will get so much better with time and proper care. We also know one of her problems that contributed to her poor skin is that she has hypothyroidism. She will begin medicine for that.
Her poor tail is a mystery. Dr. Larsen says she has never seen anything like it. It is not the normal circular tail pocket. It is a large square. There is a ridge along the top that is almost hard like bone. Upon close examination, it looks like there are multiple tails or one was split. We don’t know if all this is the result of a birth defect or injury. She had the pocket packed for two weeks. Dr. Larsen performed surgery to improve the appearance and function.

Destiny is now at home with one of our wonderful foster families where she is being nursed back to health and being treated like the princess she is.