Bulldog Spotlight:
Meet Denali Daphne!

From Denali: Behind me are my baby-making days and in front of me are my couch potato days. I am so ready for my new life with my new family!
I am 4 years old and I am one lovely lady, if I must say so myself. Everyone I meet, I love. I have no desire to fight with anyone. If I see trouble coming my way, I just run the other way as fast as I can. Dr. Larsen told me I had the most beautiful face and when she finished with me, I was going to have the most beautiful body to go with this beautiful face. Watch for me as I blossom into an even more amazing Bulldog lady.

From Foster Parents: She is super sweet. She loves everyone and wants to constantly show affection. She is a fast learner. She had a couple of accidents on her first day, but then learned how to use the doggy door and we are happy to report there have been no accidents since then.
She loves to get down and wrestle on the floor with foster dad. Though she is 4 years old, she still loves to play like a puppy. She is also learning that toys are kind of fun too.
She still needs to work on her manners a little. She gets so excited, she just wants to jump up on people and even the counter when dinner is being made. Did we mention she loves food? Well, she does! She will even sit for treats.