Fall Edition | October 2018
President's Corner
We enjoyed coming together for our 74th Annual General Conference in Louisville, Kentucky last month. It was a great time to celebrate the blessings of the past and the future vision for reaching the world with the Apostolic message.  

For the United Pentecostal Church Loan Fund, we held our 4th Annual Investor and Pastor Appreciation Luncheon on Wednesday, September 26. We had nearly 140 attend our event, our best attendance yet. We celebrated with several pastors and churches who have received financing through the Loan Fund as they testified of the growth and miracles in their ministry.  

In our last quarterly newsletter, we mentioned the passing of a dear friend and board member, J. P. Rose. We also celebrated his life and service at our Luncheon, and we were able to award his wife, Linda, a special appreciation for the work J. P. accomplished for the Loan Fund in our startup years.

We are now in our 8th year of operations. We have amazing things happening this year with the increased volume of loans we are experiencing. Thank you to our investors and supporters for believing in the mission. Our annual audit is now complete, and again for the 4th year in a row we had no deficiencies. In the world of accounting and finance, this is an incredible achievement and I give all of our staff the credit for their hard work.

Stephen M. Drury
Higher Rates Are Here!
Invest in the Kingdom and help us build and grow UPCI churches all across North America. Your investment will not only outperform most certificates at local banks, but it has the added bonus of enabling churches to better serve their communities and reach the lost. 

We have several exciting investment options:

River of Life Church, Kiana, Alaska
By Pastor Arnol Farmer
Approximately 8 years ago, the Lord opened the door for me to give Bible studies where I was employed at Red Dog Mine in northwest Alaska. I was eventually invited to the village of Noorvik by a fellow employee who had been coming to the Bible studies. When I arrived at Noorvik, there was an entire group of people waiting to hear me share the word of God. The Lord moved in a wonderful way, and several were baptized in the precious name of Jesus and received the Holy Ghost.
This led to other visits to Noorvik and also to another village called Kiana, where several more were baptized and received the Holy Ghost. At that time my wife and I were living in Oregon and I was commuting to work at Red Dog Mine every three weeks. It became apparent that we needed to be onsite for the people of Noorvik and Kiana. We began to pray about what the Lord would have us to do.
After much prayer, my wife and I sold our home and other belongings and purchased a home in Kiana, Alaska in April of 2012. We immediately began having services in both villages. I even obtained a pilot’s license and a plane for traveling between the villages because there is no road system in our region. I also began using a snowmobile or boat depending on the season.
We were holding church services in Noorvik on Wednesday evenings and Sunday evenings each week. The Kiana church services were held on Tuesday evenings and Sunday afternoon. We held Sunday school for the children in both villages, as well as other special services. Both church groups were meeting in small homes.
With our home churches being full, we were excited to learn that there was hope of getting a building through the Church in a Day program of North American Missions. After presenting our need and vision for the people in our region, we were glad for the help and support from the NAM team. We were then able to obtain a loan through The United Pentecostal Church Loan Fund to build our own house of worship in Kiana. Here we can continue our efforts to share the word of the Lord and people can find the healing, deliverance and salvation for their souls that only God can bring. We are looking forward to the future of River of Life, and even more building projects in our region.
Construction Management Services
Another new exciting service from the Church Loan Fund is Construction Management. Our experienced construction professionals can help pastors and churches manage their next construction or building project. We can help research and hire the right professionals, help create a realistic budget, and help with project management throughout the process. Utilizing our years of experience and expertise, we can keep construction projects on track and keep pastors out of a hard hat so they focus on the needs of the church. Watch our introduction video here and contact us for more information today!
"Making a Difference" Investor & Pastor Luncheon

We were honored to have nearly 140 investors and pastors join us for our 4th Annual Luncheon at General Conference 2018 in Louisville, Kentucky. We would like to thank each of you for the continued support of the Church Loan Fund!
We would also especially like to thank our wonderful speakers at the luncheon:
*   Doctor David K. Bernard, General Superintendent and Chairman of the Board
*   Pastor Brent Watts, Abundant Life Church, Matthews, North Carolina
*   Pastor Tony Roberts, Abundant Life Church, Alabaster, Alabama
*   Pastor Daniel Dagan, Hope Apostolic UPC, Port Charlotte, Florida
*   Pastor Michael Faulk, New Life Church, Cumberland, Indiana
*   Pastor Robert Wahler, New Life Center, Tonawanda, New York
*   Pastor Darwin Burks, New Life Church, Jasper, Texas
*   Pastor G. Alan Browning, Greater Life Apostolic, Louisville, Kentucky
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