FALL 2019
Message from Rabbi G. - Founder
It is impossible to fully describe the moment when a small child in a large hospital bed, dwarfed by multiple medical pumps and intimidating equipment makes the transition from being a victim of disease to a victor of life. When a little boy or girl learns the power they have inside of themselves to blow out pain, fear and anger they become teachers to everyone around them. That awareness is transformational. The therapeutic value becomes obvious.

Capturing that experience, multiplied thousands of times a year across the world goes beyond words. Numbers, statistics, the language of medical science is the key to changing the word “thousands” to “millions.” Kids Kicking Cancer is working very hard, publishing statistics in peer reviewed medical journals, producing functional brain scans that indicate the very unique value of our techniques and presenting that information to the medical community. The key to growth is standardizing, integrating, evaluating and publishing our work.

This November 6 th , Kids Kicking is proud to present our very first national medical seminar in Birmingham, MI. Our Pediatric Psychosocial and Palliative Care Conference is generously sponsored by The Children’s Foundation. We are bringing together experts from across the country while presenting our Pain
Extraction techniques and promoting our new My Martial Arts Super Power Book for children. You can read more about the seminar in this newsletter. It is but one step in reaching the children of the world.

Your support over the last twenty years has allowed us to get to this point. Your generous love and support are needed now more than ever to help us reach our goals of lowering the pain of one million children by 2025.

Thank you and G-d bless,
Parent Testimony - Lily
My daughter is 4 years old and has been on her cancer journey since she was 2.5. The first time we went to K ids K icking C ancer Lily fell as she was walking (her legs get weak as a side effect of treatment). An older boy looked down at her and said, ‘don’t worry about it, I fall down all the time too’. It was at this moment that I knew this was going to be a special place for us .

Lily loves being there, she loves the instructors and loves being with the kids who are just like her. We love watching them all, and having an opportunity to talk to other parents in the same situation as us. Lily always feels proud and confident when leaving KKC, and although we aren’t always able to attend we are always welcomed back with open arms and warm smiles. It’s truly a blessing to have, and we have gained so much from participating in KKC.

Jessica-Mom of Lily
Academic Conference:
CEU's Available!
Kids Kicking Cancer, in collaboration with The Children's Foundation , will be hosting a professional conference in Birmingham, Michigan. The keynote speaker will be
 Dr. Elisha D. Waldman , Chief, Division of Palliative Care, Ann & Robert Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. The conference aims to introduce healthcare professionals to research and practice for psychosocial and palliative care.
$100 Individual
$50 Student Rate
Michigan - Events Recap
A Sampling of Our Many Events...
Kids Kicking Cancer participated in "Kids Take the Field" on Pediatric Cancer Awareness Day for the Detroit Tigers on Sept 1st. It was a wonderful day for our "team" on the field and in Comerica Park. See the video below and enjoy more on our Facebook page!
Our 3rd Annual Golf Outing: Success!
This summary video offers a snapshot of our successful 3rd Annual Golf Outing. Thank you to the countless volunteers who planned, coordinated, donated and played, raising money to help lessen the pain of children in our program.
The movie trailer, above, Those on the Front Lines of Cancer , including Rabbi Goldberg, Kids Kicking Cancer students and Staff, is very moving. Be sure to watch the documentary on PBS.

Part One aired Thursday, Oct. 10th and Part Two airs THIS THURSDAY, OCT. 17th, 9pm - 11 pm, and Kids Kicking Cancer will be one of the featured organizations in Part Two of the documentary. We are honored to be part of such a powerful project! #powerpeacepurpose
Mr. Kenny, You are Loved!
It was a beautiful picnic and celebration on August 27, celebrating our long time driver Mr. Kenny. Kids and parents joined with staff to surprise Mr. Kenny upon his retirement.

His family was in on the surprise and we had to work hard to keep keen Mr. Kenny from guessing our plans, but we were successful and he was so surprised and touched by the picnic.

Food, games and good times!
Wonder Park Star Breathes in the Light and Blows Out the Darkness with Our Martial Artists
Brianna Denski, herself a black belt, and the lead voice in the movie Wonder Park, visited our Kids Kicking Cancer dojo, trained with the kids, signed autographs and spent some time getting to know our organization.
National and International Happenings
Thank you so much to the Dana-Farber Institute for featuring the work of Kids Kicking Cancer Boston in their social media! Nice kicks Eric T!
Some Canadian Happenings
Kids Kicking Cancer Canada Selected as Finalist in
Lerners LLP 90th Anniversary Charitable Giveaway
Lerners LLP, a multi location law practice in Canada, is celebrating 90 years this year. As part of their celebration, they are awarding several charities money, totaling $90,000. Kids Kicking Cancer, Canada, was selected as one of 10 finalists in their Charitable Giveaway! Voting is closed and winners will be announced on November 1, 2019.

In order to be considered, Kids Kicking Cancer Canada, submitted a "story," which was published and then voting was opened to the public. As part of the story, Sara S, a 14 year old surivor of a brain tumor, submitted this poem, which she wrote in 2017:
Learn More About the Finalists in the Lerners Giveaway by Cllicking on the Logos Above!
Kicks, Punches, Blocks
I feel so strong
Nothing can go wrong…Ki-ya!
I punch the air
I kick the pads
I block the blockers
I teach the world to conquer disease with light
I lay down on my mat, I close my eyes
I release any pain in my body
When I wake up all the pain is gone
I cup my hands, I breathe in
Then when there’s no air left, I breathe in again
The same thing when I breathe out
We bow in and we bow out
We say power, peace, purpose
Katas are when you put all the moves in a dance
Belts, white, yellow, orange, green, red, blue, purple, brown, black
I love Karate. I love the Senseis
I am a powerful martial artist
Race in Ottawa Raises $15,000!
Kids Kicking Cancer in Ottawa is still racing with enthusiasm after the recent city-wide City Chase Canada!
Sponsored by local businesses, hundreds turned out to race and participate in a scavenger hunt and raised $15,000 for the organization.
Kids Kicking Cancer South Africa
Participates in Camp Sunshine!
Reach for a Dream facilitated a wonderful Camp Sunshine for children who are cancer survivors in Cape Town. Several organizations, including Kids Kicking Cancer, contributed to a full weekend of camp activities with some very enthusiastic teenagers. Activities included a ropes course, swimming, team building, campfires and, of course, some therapeutic martial arts and breathing courses.

Kids Kicking Cancer South Africa was delighted to participate in such a special weekend.
Kids Kicking Cancer
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