Fall Update
Acer saccharum, Sugar Maple on the Valley Road. Although this one has since lost most of its leaves, many are still holding on despite rain, wind, and the lateness of fall. Perfect time to enjoy the Wildlands.
Trail Work
Clearing the view on Birches Trail
Dave Doherty's addition to the Flag Hill trail.
Fall Trail Run 2020
The Fall Trail Run/Race is still on, but the race part is virtual. Course open for competition October 24 - November 6. Markers and photos by Jennifer Riefler.
  • 5.7 mile run 
  • Starts and ends at South Gate on Rt 1 (1574 Acadia Highway) in east Orland
  • Registration: RunReg
  • FMO: Here
Wildlands Adventure Challenge
The Activity Shop provided ~50 boats
Protective coloration at the Baker Brook bike transition area
Two 8-hour teams at the start line
For the 3rd year, we partnered with Strong Machine and the Craig Brook Fish Hatchery to host the Wildlands Adventure Challenge, the only adventure race in eastern Maine. It attracted 275 racers, split among 4 races over 2 days. Cliff and Kate did a great job putting in place systems and protocols to make it a safe and great event. It was nice to have lots of local businesses involved, from a couple of motels filled to capacity, to 86 This burritos and Fogtown beer. Thanks also to MacLeods Restaurant for keeping the beer cold for 2 days. Proceeds from the race support GPMCT. Results and Photos.
Land Acquisition at Dead River Gate
Chuck and Linda McAllian sold the the first piece of their lot on the Don Fish Rd to us back in 2012. We just closed on the remaining 14 acres at the beginning of the month. This is a key parcel for us: we will enlarge the parking at the Dead River Gate and create a connector trail along the beautiful Mountain Brook ravine. Thanks to the McAllians for making the virtual closing very easy.
Lynx rufus gigas
A mother bobcat and 3 kits caught on a game camera in the Wildlands, off the Dead River Road. Their diet includes rodents, birds, fish, insects, geese and rabbits. Less commonly, they feed on larger animals, such as young ungulates, and other carnivores, such as fishers, foxes, minks, martens, skunks, domesticated cats, and small dogs. You see where we're going with this.
South Gate Sunday Openings are ending soon
Sunday, November 1 is the last day this year the South Gate will be open. It also is the day before the main deer season starts:
Staying connected 

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