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The artist overseeing her watercolor students

photo by Wanda Noonan


It's been a productive summer on several fronts: teaching a plein air watercolor class for relatively senior citizens in Washington Square Park; solo early evening watercolor painting en plein air in the Liz Christy Garden in my own neighborhood; two wonderful weekends of monotyping with Salmagundi friends Susan Brand and Patricia Wynne at Patricia's Tiny Print Shop at her apartment; photographng cornfields and alpacas in Ohio on a family trip in July, and gardens at The Cloisters Museum in August; deriving paintings and prints from the images; enjoying the creative journeys of my Bond Street studio crew.


pARTy Till the Cows Home

Group exhibition at the Firefly Artists Gallery,

162 Main St, Northport,

Long Island, through September 25.

Rumination, oil on canvas 

Working Girls: Two Holsteins, oil on canvas

The Healing Power of Art: Resilience 2022

i am happy to be included in this online exhibition organized by Renee Phillips. This is my artist statement:

Evening Smoke: Where The Towers Were is one of a set of three pairs of watercolors executed en plein air -- in the open air -- except that, in mid-September 2001, ours was full of smoke from the burning remains of the World Trade Center in lower Manhattan. Eerily beautiful sunsets called me to my roof, from which I had witnessed the aerial attack on September 11. If you didn't know what you were looking at -- or smelling -- the sky views were poetically transcendent.

This exhibition will run September 30 - November 30.

"Evening Smoke I" will be on view in the online exhibition. 

Evening Smoke I

Here are the second and third watercolors of this series.

Evening Smoke II

Evening Smoke III


Joan of Arc by Anna Hyatt Huntington - watercolor

Elephant Garlic - monotype 1/2

2022 Fall Auction bidding info

Dates:  September 26 - October 21 

Live auction  Fri. October 21 

Online only auction Sat. October 22 


Berkshire Sunset, acrylic on paper

September Garden, St-Michel-de-Cuxa Cloister, oil stick on canvas

Asparagus Served, monotype 1/2


Cornfield in July, Holmes County, Ohio, watercolor

Floral Triptych, watercolor

Hydrangeas in July: Liz Christy Garden, watercolor


Alpacas in Repose,Ohio

photo by AESC


Barnyard Gossip; Alpacas, monotype, 2/2

Homage to Goya: Spanish Cats, monotype, 1/2

Lunch Counter: Holmes County, Ohio, monotype, 1/2

Two Sheep, monotype, 1/3

Two Sheep, monotype, 3/3

If you'd like to join the fun of monotype parties at the Salmagundi Club, they are scheduled 6:30-9:30 pm on the first Tuesday of each month; for details, see Perhaps I'll see you there.


I am working with Wanda Noonan on a new video series called 'Hints of Color, about the role in my work, and personal life, of various colors.

Below is ORANGE, and more of the spectrum is available on my YouTube channel. 

As we turn toward autumn, from my video series “Hints of Color,” here’s “Orange.”

In the next issue of this newsletter, watch for “Green.”

 Hints of Color: Orange


I continue to offer small group classes at my Bond Street studio. We're never more than five in the double-cube room: 11' x 22' x 11;' high ceiling, with good light and ventilation. A few student openings available. COVID precautions observed.


Tea is always served at break-time and the studio is air conditioned,


Please feel free to get in touch

at 212-464-7519


Current schedule:

Monday 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Wednesday 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

photo by AESC

Water containers at the end of a class on effects of reflected yellows.

photos by Wanda Noonan

Atypically, class on studio rooftop

photo by AESC

Work in progress: my student Gary captured my neighbor Denise’s rooftop garden. I like to provide students with urban plein air opportunities when they arise


Please contact, to schedule an appointment. 


Based on a photograph I captured in Washington Square Park, Empress and Her Retinue became a centerpiece of my show, "Animals of New York." The original is for sale, and I'm happy to be able to offer these reproduced versions as well.

We've just made an Etsy listing for the new print

Treat yourself or a loved one a gift bundle, which can include playing cards, greeting cards, or mugs decorated with my work. Available on Etsy while supplies last 


Annie Shaver-Crandell products at


If you're interested in taking a class with me please email my assistant, at

Annie Shaver-Crandell

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" In teaching, I like to give tremendous permission," AESC