Dance Families,
We are so excited to open back up in-studio this month. After a super successful few months outside, we are happy to be able to reopen at our original home. We think you'll love the many changes that have been made to make the dancers and staff as safe as possible.
We know that we have the creativity, drive, and talented staff to make this year a success. We also know that like everything else, it may not be the same dance year we are used to.
We learned many things during the quarantine and we are proud of how quickly we created a virtual library of classes and resources. We were thrilled to see kids virtually with the scavenger hunts, dance parties, and story times. We loved our one of a kind Red Carpet Experience and the recital pictures. Each of those events reminded us that dance is healing, dance is powerful, dance provides joy, friendships, and the structure that the kids need so badly right now.
We are excited to be back in the studio doing what we truly love and can't wait for a Sweet 16th Season. Welcome back.

Dancingly Yours,
Ms. Manda
Fall Classes Begin September 14th
Our 2021 goal is to create a place of consistency, comfort, connection, creativity and calm for the dancers. Now more than ever we know the kids need an outlet, they need to dance!
We've had so many inquiries about our upcoming dance year. Registration for past families will begin on Saturday, September 5th. New families will be able to register on Monday, September 7th. We anticipate having waitlists since our class sizes are smaller. The final schedule will be sent in a separate email today or tomorrow morning.
What's New at MRD?
  • Lobby will be closed temporarily
  • Four entrances will be open
  • Bathrooms are touchless with new faucets, toilets, lights, soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers
  • Shoes and dancewear sales will be by appointment
  • Time will be added between classes for cleaning
  • Ceiling fans have been added to all dance rooms to increase air circulation
  • Air filters have been replaced with HEPA filters
  • Front and back doors will be open when weather permits to allow for a cross breeze
  • Monitors and cameras have been added to the rooms to allow classes to simultaneously Zoom for dancers that need to stay home
How Will Classes Change?
  • Dancers will be assigned their own socially distanced dance space
  • Teachers will remain at least 6 feet from dancers
  • Young dancers will be provided with a prop bag, included with registration
  • Masks will be required for all those in the building, including dancers aged 5 and up
  • Tumble and Acro 1 classes will be temporarily suspended due to the need for close contact, spotting, and the difficulty with Zoom classes
  • Twinkle Babies will be temporarily suspended
  • Twinkle Stars for ages 3-4, dancers must have been previously enrolled in a Twinkle Babies or Twinkle Stars class
  • New class blocks
  • Small class sizes
What Are My Class Choices?
  • Class Blocks - These are essentially long combo classes for the dancers that still want to take a few styles of dance but don't want to be exposed to three or four different sets of kids; this allows a dancer to take, for example, Ballet, Tap & Jazz with the same group of kids. Longer class length also makes for easier drop-off and pick-up since parents can't wait in the lobby.
  • Private lessons - Register for one-on-one lessons or choose your own pod of dancers, up to 4 students allowed in a private class.
  • Regular classes - Classes like in the past, but they'll be adjusted as mentioned above.
  • Company classes - We will be adding a new competition team for those that are interested. See info below.
What Happens If We Have to Shut Down Again?
  • We will do one of two things; we will extend the dance year so that it ends in August 2021, tentatively we're going to run the same schedule until then and if we don't have to shut down for any length of time, we'll end in June OR we will Zoom the classes.
  • If we have to shut down we will expect our dancers to remain enrolled; if a dancer drops during that time, their spot will not be held.
  • Tuition will be billed as usual if a student is enrolled.
These past few months have been challenging for everyone, and we hope that you are all safe and healthy amid the COVID-19 pandemic. We feel extremely fortunate to be able to welcome our customers back to MRD this month. As the state of this public health emergency changes from day to day, we will remain focused on keeping our dancers, employees, and families safe, healthy, and informed. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.