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November 2021

Making a Difference

Hello Henry,

We’ve all been drawn into health care to try to make a difference. To help those who need our help- to make a living of course, but also to leave things better than we found them.

The personal interaction we have with our patients can be uplifting. It can also be challenging. It all comes with the territory.

But impacting our patients’ lives has a special payback all its own. And, I can think of few activities in vision care as uplifting and as rewarding as helping a visually impaired individual improve their vision to enable them to see and do things that they may have thought, or even been told, wouldn’t happen.

So, I raise my glass to all of us doing low vision care. We are making a difference, and we deserve to be proud of it.




Dr. Henry Greene, OD, FAAO

Co-founder and President


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Prescribing for the WOW!

When you really help them, you’ll know,” my professor once told me. And those of us doing low vision certainly know that to be the truth! The challenge of course is that we can’t help everyone. I have learned to promise less than I expect to achieve, to not over-prescribe, and to reiterate (over and over) that...

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Dr. Greene to Lead The Vision Council’s Low Vision Division

Ocutech Co-founder and President, Henry Greene, OD, FAAO, has been elected in-coming chair of the Low Vision Division of The Vision Council. He will serve as Vice-Chair until his 2-year term begins in January 2022.  

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Bioptic Driving: The challenge of Dealing with the State’s Driver Licensing Office

One of the great motivators for individuals to pursue bioptics is that they may become eligible to drive. However, regulations regarding whether an individual can use a bioptic to obtain a driver’s license varies between states—and in a handful of states it is not allowed.


In my state, North Carolina, there are 100 counties and many hundreds of DMV examiners, and more often than not, the examiner is unlikely to have previously encountered a bioptic driver. It’s probably no different in your state.


So here’s our attempt to address the challenge of getting them informed!

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An Alternate Approach to Defining Vision. The Visual Radius and the Social Range

Quite often patients will ask what 20/20 means. A patient once mentioned that with her reduced vision from macular degeneration, the furthest she could see was...

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Consumer Guide Available in

Five Languages

Ocutech is delighted to announce that our consumer brochure is now available in five additional languages --French, Dutch, Portuguese, German, and Spanish. You can access these on our website:

English Version

French Version

Dutch Version

Portuguese Version

German Version

Spanish Version

We also invite you to visit our newly updated website,, full of helpful resources for both you and your patients. Using the app at the bottom left of the website, you can access the website in all 5 languages

Patient informational PDF free downloads

Consumer Guide to Ocutech Bioptics

Learning to use your Ocutech bioptic

How biopitics might enable you to drive

Learning to use your bioptic for driving

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