September 2018
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HUGE, TINY, amazing!

Cataloupes on cutting board in miniature
By Autumn Leaf Studio   
The largest miniature show west of the Mississippi, the Showcase of Miniatures is so good that enthusiasts fly into San Jose from across the country to attend on the weekend of October 13 and 14. We hope you will come too.
You'll marvel over the artisanship. This is a juried show, with world-class miniaturists vying to be among its 100 vendors. Browsing their booths, you never know what you might encounter next - a cactus garden in a tea cup, a courtier of Queen Elizabeth I, or a mouth-wateringly realistic, one-inch pepperoni pizza. Both adults and kids enjoy the activities and exhibits.
Invite a friend, treat a grandchild, make a date with your mate - or enjoy our annual fundraiser all by yourself! Here's what you'll want to know.


Some, but not all, high blood pressure or heart failure medications containing valsartan (brand name Diovan) have been recalled.   
If one of your toes has a perpetually bent joint, making it hard to wear shoes in comfort, information on caring for hammertoe may be helpful.   
The chemicals and nanoparticles in many sunscreens harm aquatic life, especially coral reefs. The final section of this article suggests ways to avoid causing environmental harm while protecting your skin.    
A newly approved drug may be of interest if you have endometriosis pain. Additional details are here

Bad Breath

About one in four adults have halitosis, or bad breath. Even really rank breath may not be noticeable to the person who has it. Learn when to be suspicious that your own breath might be unpleasant and how to check.
When someone else's breath is unpleasant, should you tell them? If so, how?

Say Goodbye to Smoking
The National Institutes of Health has lots of free resources to help smokers plan a strategy to quit, learn about nicotine replacement therapy and other treatments, and access helpful information and mobile tools. The primary website is here.  
If you are a woman, senior, teen, veteran, or Spanish-speaker, you may prefer to use one of the specialized sites for those populations. You will find links to them at the top of the primary web site, either listed or available by clicking "Explore the Smokefree Family."
Dental Care
If you or a family member will have some dental work done soon, you can use Fair Health Consumer's dental cost estimator to learn what the procedure typically costs where you live.

A dental insurance plan might - or might not - be more cost-effective than simply paying out of pocket. Here is a very brief overview of issues to consider, with more detailed information here.

Here are tips to help you find and choose a new dentist. You may also want to use your public library's electronic resources to access the Consumers' Checkbook ratings of local general and specialty dentists. If you have a personal subscription to the Consumers' Checkbook, the ratings are here.

Kids & Gender Identity
To help parents and others understand how to respond to children who express discomfort or ambivalence about the gender they were assigned at birth, " Supporting and Caring for Transgender Children" is available from the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American College of Osteopathic Pediatricians, and the Human Rights Campaign Foundation. 
Volunteer for Fun!
Miniature handbag _ sandals
By Patrizia Santi 
We would love to have your assistance at the Showcase for about 2 hours. Volunteers typically assist customers at the white elephant table, check tickets at the entrance, and/or monitor the exhibits. You don't need to be knowledgeable about miniatures - just friendly, prompt, and responsible.   
Your admission to the show will be free and we can pay your parking fee. Please email us to request more information about helping on Saturday or Sunday, October 13 or 14.
A Conversation About Advance Care Planning
While it's not easy to think about what we want at the end of our lives, planning ahead can help ensure that our wishes are respected when we come to the end of our lives. To do it "our way," we also have to make sure people who might make decisions about our care know our preferences.
If you are over 55 years of age, we invite you to a PlaneTree presentation on issues to consider when completing your advance care directive. We will also discuss how to talk about your end-of-life wishes with your loved ones and medical care providers.  
Free to the public, this discussion will be at the Senior Center Laurel Room, Sunnyvale Community Center on Monday, September 17 from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. Call 408-730-7350 to pre-register for Class #256611.AC. 

All events are open to the public. Some require pre-registration.
.....* Fee for participation
.....^ Scroll down the linked page

San Jose - various dates for a variety of programs 
Exercise for patients undergoing cancer treatment
Women: Saturdays - Mountain View
Men: Tuesdays in Mountain View or Wednesdays in Sunnyvale
Mountain View - multiple dates in September & October
Living well with diabetes*
Sunnyvale - 6-week class begins Fri., 9/7
Mountain View - 2-session classes, various dates
Sacramento - Sat., 9/8
San Jose - Tues., 9/11
Mountain View - Tues., 9/11
San Jose - Tues., 9/11
One-on-one appointment with a nutritionist
Cupertino - Wed., 9/12
Milpitas - Thurs., 9/13
Morgan Hill - Mon., 9/17 
Saratoga - Mon., 9/24
Gilroy - Wed., 9/26
Tai chi
Gilroy - Wed., 9/12
Los Gatos - Wed., 9/12
Los Gatos - Thurs., 9/13
Palo Alto - Thurs., 9/13
Santa Clara - Thurs., 9/13
Mountain View - 6-month program begins Fri., 9/14
Saratoga - Mon., 9/17
Advance care planning - see description in preceding article
Sunnyvale - Mon., 9/17
Mountain View - Tues., 9/18 or 10/16
Palo Alto - Tues., 9/18
Palo Alto - Wed., 9/19
Cupertino - Sun., 9/23
Mountain View - Mon., 9/24 or 10/22
Sunnyvale - Mon., 9/24
Santa Clara - Mon., 9/24
Los Gatos - Tues., 9/25
Teens & cannabis
Morgan Hill - Tues., 9/25
Saratoga - Tues., 9/25
San Jose - Wed., 9/26
Sunnyvale - Thurs., 9/27
Living well with a chronic condition, presented in Vietnamese
San Jose - 6-week class begins Wed., 10/3
San Jose - Thurs., 10/4
Palo Alto - Thurs., 10/4
Save the date: Breast & ovarian cancer conference for patients, survivors, & professionals*
Redwood Shores - Fri., 11/2

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