Fall in to sustainable shopping
Believe it or not, autumn is here! Whether you're shopping for school supplies and clothes or starting to think about Halloween costumes and decorations, consider shopping at a local thrift store or reuse organization before you buy something new.

Buying used is a great way to help the environment, save money and score fun and unique finds. Check out these great nearby options:

  • You'll have to venture to Portland, but Scrap is worth the trip! Stock up on reclaimed school and arts & crafts supplies.
  • There's tons of thrift stores and consignment shops around to shop for clothes and accessories. Check out this list to get ideas on where to shop, and this post for how to make a thrift store Halloween costume.
  • The Habitat for Humanity ReStores are a great place for furniture, household goods and even seasonal decor. Try the Beaverton or Forest Grove locations.
Can flowerpots go in the mixed recycling?
We often get questions this time of year related to items used in the yard and garden. Keep reading to find out what to do with your garden hoses, flower pots and more:

  • Garden hoses Garden hoses should never go in the recycling! They get tangled up in the recycling machinery and can create safety hazards. Usable garden hoses can be donated; broken hoses should go in the garbage.

  • Flower pots Clean rigid plastic flower pots that are larger than 4 inches can go in the mixed recycling. This does NOT include "crinkly" plastic seedling trays or starter pots, or any ceramic or decorative pots.

  • Yard debris
  • Yard debris (weeds, leaves, clippings, flowers, branches that are less than 4" in diameter and 36" in length) can go in your yard debris bin if you have one. Do not include dirt or rocks
  • Excess yard debris can be put out next to the yard debris bin in a brown paper bag or bundle for a small fee; you can also request a second yard debris bin. Prices vary- contact your hauler for more information.
  • If you're on a rural route and do not have a yard debris bin, or you have a large amount of yard debris to dispose of, use What to Recycle and Where? to find the yard debris drop-off location that is closest to you.

Code enforcement
Did you know that our Code Enforcement officers respond to neighborhood nuisance and noise concerns as well as issues with garbage & recycling collection service? You can file a complaint by calling 503-846-3605 or you can report a problem online . Please note that our Code Enforcement officers only serve unincorporated Washington County. You can find more information on our website .
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