February 2016
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AT on the Go with Portable AT
Telestik  (in our loan closet! Check it out at AT4ALL!)

Quicktionary  (in our loan closet! Check it out at AT4ALL!)


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The STAR Training website has been 
remodeled! New and updated modules are now 
available,  as well as new AT links and information. You are sure to fall head over heals for these FREE AT trainings and resources on a new and easy to access platform! 
Portable Aids 
The Telestik  reacher (available for loan) is small enough to fit in a purse and very diverse. This reacher has a sticky pad for picking up paper (it could even pick up your average book!) and a magnetic head to pick up metal objects. 

Looking for wheelchair accessories?  Discount Ramps has a wonderful selection of wheelchair bags and  portable ramps. There is even a wheelchair bag that attaches to the wheel of the chair if reaching a rear-facing backpack is difficult or impossible. 

There are also many magnification devices that are small enough to pack in a small bag, such as the Smartlux Digital Video Magnifier, Intel Reader and LED illuminated Magnifiers (available for loan).

AT and Reminders

Remembering to take multiple medications multiple times daily can be difficult, so devices like the Vibrating Pill Box can be very beneficial. This small case can set alarms 5 times per day. Other pill box reminders include the  Apex Pill Turtle and  the MedCenter Talking Reminder Alarm Clock (both available for loan) . Apps available for medication reminders include  Medisafe  ( Medisafe for Android ), Medicine Time! (Android only), and MedCoach.

Reminder devices and apps are not just for medications! Vibrating watches like the  WatchMinder (available for loan) Timex's Vibrating Watch, and  VibraLITE Watches are beneficial for those with attention and memory difficulties. The Reminder app for iPhone and the Calendar app for Android and iPhones are already built in, but if you prefer a third party or would like to try something new, try Fantastical 2, Evernote or  Wunderlist for iPhones and Any.do, Life Reminders, or Google Keep for Androids. 

Out and About

Going to new places can sometimes be difficult for people of all ages and abilities. Here are a few resources to help navigate the obstacles of being out and about:

*This Autism Speaks article discusses strategies for handling meltdowns in public when traveling or transitioning between activities. 

*NPR has created an AMAZING search engine that finds accessible playgrounds in your area. 

* Hammer Travels assists in travel plans for individuals with developmental disabilities. 

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- For loan 
- Mouse that only uses your thumb and pointer finger to control the computer

-For loan
-Hook up to your phone to have an amplified ringer and flashing light when you have a call.

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