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Ten Mile Creek Developers Lose in U.S. District Court 

County Decision Upheld:  Federal Judge Rejects 
Pulte Takings Claim 

By Diane Cameron 
Conservation Montgomery
Ten Mile Creek A few years ago, Conservation Montgomery, along with 30 other groups, was part of the Save Ten Mile Creek Coalition. In 2013 and 2014, we rallied, lobbied, and testified at hearings to save what we call our "last, best creek." The result of this collective effort was the Montgomery County Council's approval on April 1, 2014 of the Ten Mile Creek Limited Master Plan Amendment - which amended the 1994 Clarksburg Master Plan. Six months after enactment of the Ten Mile Creek plan, Pulte Corporation sued Montgomery County seeking compensation for an alleged taking. Coalition water protectors were also in Pulte's legal crosshairs.....


Another one bites the dust
On the Need for Durable Stormwater Facilities 
By Diane Cameron
Conservation Montgomery

Healthy living requires clean water to drink, clean air to breathe, and healthy soil.  Just as personal health depends upon developing good habits and sticking to them, community health depends upon building long-lasting green infrastructure solutions that contribute to clean drinking water, healthy local streams and reduction in Chesapeake Bay pollutants - and sticking with them.  Green stormwater solutions include street trees, parkland forests, and residential rain gardens.  Maintaining clean water means maintaining and sometimes retrofitting stormwater facilities over the decades.
Clean water advocates highlighted the need for durable stormwater facilities in a recent letter to Lynn Buhl, Assistant Secretary of the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) co-signed by Conservation Montgomery.

Read Diane's full story here and find before-and-after photos....


Save these dates!  

Big things are head his fall. Join us for these events:  

Sign up for Fall 2017 Home Tree Care 101 Classes 

Give your trees some TLC.  We'll bring an arborist out to your neighborhood to show you and your neighbors how to care for mature trees on your property. Or learn how to plant new trees with the "right tree, right place" concept.   Here is a short video showing how this works.

The cost of the class is $20 per person.  There is no charge for members of Conservation Montgomery.

The following dates are available for a class in your community: 

September 17th  
November 11th
December 16th  (Much of the class may be held indoors, depending on weather.)   
   This project is a partnership between Conservation Montgomery 
and the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection. 

Thanks to two departing CM board members  
We wish to express gratitude to two of our board members who have served for the past seven years. 

Bethesda resident Arlene Bruhn is one of our founding board members who worked tirelessly on street tree preservation and community tree planting projects over the years.  Without Arlene's research and passion for street trees, we would not have the 2013 Montgomery County Roadside Tree Law or the updated State roadside tree legislation that had been adopted before that bill.  

Potomac resident Barbara Hoover served in various roles over the years as Secretary and then Acting Treasurer.  Along with Safe Grow Montgomery, Barbara was active in the advocacy that led up to the passage of the Montgomery County pesticides law. She helped to coordinate the popular annual CM Big Tree Tour in recent years as well. 
Both have decided to move on to new adventures.  Happy trails Arlene and Barbara! 


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