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Starting in November,
we will offer ALL
of our available products at
2104 Tyler Street in Hollywood, FL

On Tuesdays & Thursdays from 3pm-6pm

This was previously a pre-order pick-up only location.

You can still find us at the YGFM on Saturdays & Sundays from 8am-4pm!
October 14, 2014

You may have noticed a few slight changes to our website about 2 weeks ago.  Well, I wasn't totally satisfied with the changes.
Mary's Heirloom Seeds has been completely updated!  We've added NEW heirloom varieties and Seed Combo Packs 

Seed Planting in October

There's still PLENTY of time to plant Fall SEEDS!
Check out our
 October Seed Planting Guide for the US by Region
for what to plant in YOUR area!

**Organic Garlic is now Out of Stock**

Recipe for your GREENS Harvest


All of the seeds listed are open-pollinated, non-gmo and non-hybrid, non-patented,  untreated,
heirloom garden seeds.
Mary has signed the Safe Seed pledge!  
Most seed orders placed Monday-Thursday
are shipped within 24 hours
, (except for holidays)

If you have additional questions please feel free to ask.  We usually reply within a few hours (unless we're at the farmer's market). 
Thanks you and have a wonderful day!
Happy Planting,