The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA)  announced  late this week that upgrades and updates to the Jefferson Park Blue Line terminal are now scheduled to beginning Monday, October 1.

The Jefferson Park Terminal is the fourth busiest station along the O'Hare branch. In 2017, it provided more than 2.1 million rides. The modernization of the nearly 50-year-old transit hub will create a modern terminal that is safer, brighter, cleaner, more comfortable, and easier to navigate. The  $25 million renovation  project will include bus and rail upgrades, such as:
  • Replacement of the bus terminal, making it ADA complaint by widening the loading islands and adding audio assistance;
  • New bus and rail station canopies and improved signage;
  • New LED lighting and additional security cameras;
  • Repairs and refinishing of all station and platform surfaces, along with exterior painting; and
  • Architectural and art enhancements, including the installation of custom windbreaks at the bus terminal with the design provided by conceptual artist Jamie Pawlus. 
The rehabilitation work will be done in two phases. Beginning on Monday, October 1, crews will begin the work on phase 1.