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Happy Fall!

Do you feel like I do about September? Like it's almost magical? That it feels like the "other January"?

It's almost as if we get to erase the past months' messy chalkboard and get a clean slate to recalibrate our resolutions, goals, plans.

This quotation sums it up:

"That old September feeling, left over from school days, of summer passing, vacation nearly done, obligations gathering, books and football in the air...Another fall, another turned page: there was something of jubilee in that annual autumnal beginning, as if last year's mistakes had been wiped clean by summer."

-Wallace Stegner

The the crisper air taunts with anticipation of what's coming up: visiting Pumpkin Patches, tricking-and-treating, watching Hallmark Christmas Movies, roasting the turkey, decking the halls. . . .

But slow down. Revel in the sweet September moments. Take the time to create some magic.

As I hit the "send" on this newsletter, the date is 9/18. That means there's 43 days until Halloween; 66 days until Thanksgiving; 98 days until Christmas! I'll drop you another newsletter before we ring out 2023 in 104 days!

Let's make every moment of every day count!

PS. - The purple theme of this newsletter connects to 'sport purple for platelets" to raise awareness about ITP and other platelet disorders. Please read my personal insight about ITP and join me in wearing purple on 9/29!

PS.PS.-If you enjoy my newsletter, please consider sharing it with friends and families, and drop me a line letting me know what content you most like!

PS.PS.PS. - I'd love to see fall photos from your neighborhood or festivals you're attending. Please include them in comments on my Author Facebook Page post asking for them!

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I'm excited to be ja judge for

6th Annual Georgia's Writers Museum Spooky Story Contest open to Georgia students, 3rd-8th grade.

If you know students who are eligible to enter

or teach Georgia students in these grade levels,

please encourage them to enter!

Submissions are open now until October 11, details below.

I can't wait to be "spooked"!



Author of eight books on California history and twenty romance novels, Pamela Gibson is a former City Manager who now lives in the Nevada desert. She has a bachelor's degree in history and a master's degree in public administration, but her passion is and always has been writing.

Having spent three years messing about in boats, a hobby that included a five-thousand-mile trip in a 32-foot Nordic Tug, she now spends most of her time indoors happily reading, writing, cooking and keeping up with the antics of Ralph, her Siamese rescue cat.

If you want to learn more about her activities go to and sign up for her blog and quarterly newsletter.

The Grand Mistletoe Assembly

A Holiday Anthology

Can the festive ball of the Season bring these couples together in time for the holidays? A collection of Regency romances with star-crossed lovers, fast-paced plots and timeless connections.

Cuddling under mistletoe, fine lace, snowy linen: true love can be found in the flickering lights of a hundred gas lamps. Pearler House is bedecked for the holidays and everyone is attending the event of a lifetime.

-He gambles for a ticket to the ball, but might win the love of his life. 

-High society's rules make it impossible to meet. Is their love doomed to remain a scandalous secret? 

-A young woman forging a career as a bare-knuckled boxer. A footman looking for something more … and an overturned platter at the event of the year.  

-Will her secret stand in the way of their second chance at love? 

-He's her brother's best friend, and he wants her for Christmas.

-What’s an earl to do when his sister’s best friend becomes the one temptation he can’t resist? 

Experience the joy of the season with six all-new tales of passion. Some are sweet, some are spicy, all will capture your heart.




Luciana Cavallaro, genre-bending fiction author, is the multi award-winning author of The Labyrinthine Journey, Minotaur’s Lair and The Guardian’s Legacy. She has been nominated for book awards in the action/adventure and historical fiction genres, Finalist in the New Media Film Festival and Finalist in the Page Turner Awards. She is also rather proud of her ambitious attempt at driving her first car at the age of three. (Just between us, this was when she gave her father high blood pressure … and the beginning of her adventures). You can find her social media links on her website

An Author’s Search for The Truth

Search for the Golden Spirit

Mythology has guided races for thousands of years, a search for the truth. Search for the Golden Serpent, is a fast-paced time-slip story that delves headlong into the mysteries of past and the struggle for independence. It is the first in a series Servant of the Gods, an epic tale of heroes and immortals who are embroiled in a dangerous game of survival.

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I'm hosting an author's table

at the Georgia Romance Readers' Luncheon

on October 14.

I am gifting one-half of the registration fee

as a thank you for your support.

It's only $25 to be a guest at my table!

Please email me at

if you are interested!.

Mingle with authors, eat a delicious lunch,

hear the key note speaker

RaeAnne Thayne ,

and wander the book fair afterward where authors

will be signing their books for purchase.

The conference is offering amazing workshops, and

I am presenting one of them.

If you're interested in writing romance, register for the conference!


Moonlight & Magnolias Conference October 12-14, 2023

Atlanta Evergreen Marriott Conference Resort


Sweet Potato & Black Bean Chili

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chil

One morning in my mid-30's, I woke up feeling light-headed and odd. When I went to the bathroom, I noticed what appeared to be a red, pinprick-type rash all over my legs and arms. It was not a raised rash, though. It seemed to be under my skin.

I dropped my daughters, 2 and 4, at preschool and returned home. I noticed the "rash" now covered my entire body. Huge red bumps had formed on the insides of my cheeks. I felt a bit foggy-headed and tired, but I attributed these symptoms to a pretty violent stomach virus I had suffered a couple of days earlier.

My intuition told me I'd better call my doctor for an appointment. My husband was working out of town Mondays through Fridays at this time, so I arranged for my parents to pick up the girls and keep them until after my doctor's appointment.

Little did I know that my doctor would send me to the emergency room after taking one look at me. He explained the "rash" was "petechiae," tiny spots of blood leaking from capillaries under my skin. The "bumps" in my mouth were blood blisters. He'd seen only one patient with these symptoms before in his 30+ year career, and it was "ITP." - Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura caused by low platelets.

I needed to get to the hospital immediately. He called ahead for me to be seen the moment I stepped foot into the ER for a clotting test and bloodwork. He called my parents and husband while an ambulance transported me to the hospital.

My brain was foggier by the moment, and in retrospect, that served me well because I didn't panic. In the ER, I failed the blood clotting test. When they drew blood for a complete blood and platelet work up, my arm turned black and blue from shoulder to wrist.

I was admitted to the AIDS/Oncology ward. By that time, any touch against me left bruises. An oncologist with a group of interns assigned to him crowded into my hospital room. He performed bone marrow aspirations on each hip bone while I lay flat on my stomach enduring the grinding pain while being told not to move. Fun times.

All my labs were marked URGENT, RUSH. After three hours, the oncologist and my doctor visited me to tell me my doctor had been correct: the diagnosis was ITP. I did not have rapid onset leukemia or AIDS, both of which can mimic ITP but have other symptoms.

They explained to me that ITP is an autoimmune disease characterized by an abnormal decrease in the number of platelets in the blood. A person's blood doesn't clot properly because the immune system destroys the blood-clotting platelets. The cause of ITP is not known, but it is due to an immune system error that may be triggered by viral infections.

They believed the awful stomach virus I had earlier that week somehow flipped my immune system, signaling to my spleen to destroy all platelets.

The average number of platelets a healthy person should have is 150,000 - 450,000 per microliter of blood. My count? 3000. If I had not gone to the doctor, if he had not acted with urgency, if my diagnosis had been a few hours later, if platelet transfusions had not been given as quickly as they were. . . I would not be telling my story. I would have died.

My treatment plan was to have platelet transfusions, along with an IV drip of a very high dosage of prednisone, which hopefully would "flip" my immune system back to working properly.

A splenectomy would be the next step if my platelet count did not begin rebounding.

After a week in the hospital, my platelet count reached 11,000, which allowed me to be discharged. I had to go three times a week to the oncologist for platelet testing while taking 120 mg of prednisone daily (hello roid rage!).

It took a year to build my platelets to 50,000. For the next two years, under the oncologist's monitoring, my prednisone dosage was decreased slowly as my platelet count rose.

Three years after I entered the hospital unknowingly on death's door, my count reached 100,000 without any relapsing. I was weaned off the prednisone slowly, and the count held.

I continued being monitored for five more years before the doctors agreed I was a lucky one. My bout with ITP seemed to be one-time situation, not chronic.

At the time I suffered ITP (early 90's), I felt lost at sea, having something so rare (10 out of 100,000 get it). There were no support groups for ITP. The internet was new. We could not find out much more than what the doctors had explained.

Today, the Platelet Disorder Support Association (P.D.S.A.) is dedicated to raising awareness and bettering the lives of millions of patients who struggle with ITP. This September, join the fight against it. Give your support to the silent sufferers of this disease.

Sport Purple on September 29!

Donate platelets!

Read more about ITP HERE

#call911 #CPRsaveslives #AEDsaveslives #learnCPR

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