Fall is Upon Us

Summer is singing its last songs of the season. We welcome the Autumnal 

Equinox in with "Winnie's Mini Woodstock" garden gathering at our main entrance on Friday, September 23rd from 4-8 pm. Our landscape is changing, and we are working hard to mend our reserve. It took a hard hit by mother nature during the last big storm event, but it will be ready for you to enjoy a crisp fall stroll soon! Join us for some Halloween family fun at our Critter Crawl on Friday, October 28th to meet some interesting creatures of all kinds, from an owl to a crow, to creepy crawlies and more! Come discover, learn, and watch the landscape emerge in the new colors of the autumn season.  We hope to see you reading in our nature nooks, playing in our explore areas, or enjoying a picnic in the ever changing landscape.

Be Well in Nature,

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Executive Director, Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve

Join Us to Welcome Fall

Bring a blanket and your own picnic to enjoy live music, art, coffee, gardens, relaxation and more on this wonderful fall Friday evening!

Free Family Fun

No Registration Necessary

Trails Are Made For Walking

Our trails are getting a much needed grooming and repair after that august summer storm.    A wonderful time to take a nature hike and enjoy summer's last few days as autumn awakes.

Take a Seat

A huge thank you to Paul Horne and his Scouts of America troop for this Springhouse Seating. Enjoy a read from the Little Free SEED + BOOK Library, your lunch, or a quiet break to observe nature.

Special Sanctuary Spot

The New Sanctuary Garden is a protected area for at risk and endangered plants at Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve. A shady spot for these vulnerable Western Pennsylvania plants to take refuge, it will soon be open for a restful and respectful space to gather, teach, and retreat.

Upcoming Events

Critter Crawl Ages 3-12 Registration
Environmental Explorers Grades 3-6 Registration

Explore Everyday On Your Own

Borrow our Pond Pails, Allagash Packs, binoculars, and more to make a day of exploration along Winnie's trails! Ask at the Barn Owl Gift Corner for tools of the trade.

Upload Your Finds

Join the conservation community and help us document the flora and fauna on our landscape so that we can protect them for everyone. Join the many projects the Reserve offers!

Document Bees  Get Outside

Fall Into Our Radicle

Pick up a copy and feel free to share, and submit your ideas, art, and photos to us! 

Keep the nature sharing going. 

Got a Book to Share?

Donate a Few 

The WPNR Little Free SEED + BOOK Library is in need of book donations. 

Please take one, leave one, and keep the kindness flowing!

Did you get a Saxa Radish

Seed Packet? 

One per family please. 

Grow some goodness this fall.

Announcing a Bird Feeder CAM!

We are grateful for the WPNR collaboration with Dr. James Kellam, Department of Biology at Saint Vincent College and PixCams, Inc. that has resulted in the installation of a live-stream webcam that shows bird activity at the bird feeding stations here at WPNR. 

Dr. Kellam's Ornithology Blog

Follow WPNR Birds

Just in time for a Migration celebration, we have launched the Live Bird Feeder Cam at Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve. Join WPNR and Cornell University in the Migration Celebration September 11- 22, 2022.

 Mini Winnie Bouquets are Back!

Get 'em while they last Wednesday, September 14-16, 2022 at the Barn Owl Gift Corner located inside the Learning Center Barn. A wonderful way to say goodbye to summer and hello fall. Grab one to brighten your day, or someone else's - as the splendor of the season provides us beautiful gifts to enjoy!

The Graceful Grasshopper

The tender grasshopper, his chosen crest,

That all the summer, with a tuneful wing.

Makes merry chirpings in its grassy nest,

Inspirited with dew to leap and sing

-Francis James Child


The grasshopper's auditory organs are found not on the head, but rather, on the abdomen. A pair of membranes that vibrate in response to sound waves are located one on either side of the first abdominal segment, tucked under the wings. This simple eardrum, called a tympanal organ, allows the grasshopper to hear the songs of its fellow grasshoppers.

The Beauty of Winnie's Nature

Winnie's Historical Garden entrance is divine!

Springhouse Hyacinth Bean... amazing.

Glow of the Goldenrod

Melons make us happy.

Sunflowers smile to the sky!

Sensational Zinnias

Froglet Fun

Frog Pose

Shop the Barn Owl

Barn Owl Gift Corner is Open Tuesday - Friday from 10 am - 4 pm

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