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Based on the science of sound and its profound effect on the body and mind, this event offers a "sound bath" to free stagnant energies and balance the body's frequencies to support well-being and immunity. Resting to the sounds of the Crystal Singing Bowls and Medicine Drums provides ease, restfulness and a deep meditative state, clearing the mind and restoring balance. Workshop = $25    Click  here   to register!

What Is Kundalini?
A Kundalini class is slightly different that a traditional yoga class because it contains more breath work, the chanting of mantras, and postures that flow in a very specific sequence in order to not just give the body a workout, but also to cleanse the energy bodies as well
My first teacher training was in 2006. I finished my 200 hour course through Yandara Yoga, a facility in Baja, Mexico. It was immersive and brought me so much joy. The community, the land and knowledge nourished me on a deep level and I thought I had an idea of what I wanted out of life. I graduated and began to teach in NY. I enjoyed teaching, but felt like something was missing, so I moved to LA to become a singer and actress, allowing yoga to fall by the wayside. As I pursued my dream of performing I realized that true expression was missing in my life, the expression I experienced from my own yoga and spiritual practice. I decided to go back into training and graduated from the Wanderlust Hollywood Kundalini Yoga teacher training program in 2019 with my own wisdom of what I need to express and teach. I am so excited share what I have learned. Class = $25.   Click  here   to register!

Join certified Yoga Instructors Mary Skrobola and Lori Mullooly for a unique yoga experience set to candlelight. Mary is a certified Reiki Master and Lori is a certified Reiki Two Practitioner.
Mary and Lori will  combine a slow, introspective yoga practice with hands-on energy healing to create a safe environment for the exploration of self-awareness. Participants will receive Reiki energy while in restorative and yin poses. In addition, as part of this special experience, each participant will receive specific individual and private Reiki on a Reiki table.
Reiki helps relieve stress, alleviate tension and target deep fascia and promote blood and oxygen flow throughout the body through the use of careful and intuitively placed hands-on contact with the student while deep within the posture. Join us for this unique and revitalizing experience!
Workshop = $35
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12:00- 3:30 PM

If you are already attuned to Reiki Level II - this is the class for you!! Access higher levels of healing power, learn the use of the final Sacred Symbol, receive your master level attunement, and earn your Reiki Master Certification!
Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation, that also promotes healing. It is administered by laying of the hands and can be easily learned by anyone. Reiki is abundant in the Universe, it exists all around us. Learn how to facilitate your own healing evolution! All attendees should bring water and a yoga mat. Everyone will be receiving an Attunement to Usui Reiki Energy LEVEL III (Master Level) the final level in your Reiki journey.
Workshop=$225  To  register, click  here  to preregister or simply pay upon arrival
Mind Over Mat Monster Bash!!!

Sunday, October 27th
1:00-2:30 PM

Bring the boys and gohls and come and twist and treat at a spooktacular Halloween Yoga Event!
For ages 5-11
$30 per child
Sibling discount 2 for $50
Goodie bag included!

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Yoga in the Classroom

Do you work with children? Are you a PE teacher? A school administrator? An after-school coordinator? A library programmer? Have you considered offering yoga to your students?
Yoga is an amazing way to teach youth of all ages to de-stress, build up their minds as well as their bodies. Yoga is safe, inclusive and accessible to all, regardless of age or physical ability.

Why Yoga in the Classroom?
1.   Yoga helps to Create a Positive Environment
2.   Yoga Encourages Participation in the Classroom
3.   Yoga and Activity Breaks Enhance Student Performance
4.   Yoga Relieves Stress
5.   Yoga Helps to Build Confidence and Self-Awareness
6.   Yoga Encourages Activity and Fitness During the School Day
7.   Yoga Cultivates Empathy

Happy Buddha Yoga has a team of qualified and professionally certified instructors that can come to your organization and provide Yoga in the Classroom. 
We currently teach in many area schools. 
Contact us at charleenp@yahoo.com to learn more.


Teacher Training begins in 2020!

Whether you are an aspiring teacher or simply eager to deepen your knowledge and practice of yoga, Happy Buddha's 200 hour program is the place to start. You might even be certified to teach already, but simply want to brush up on some things and delve a little deeper on the second go-round! This is a life-changing, mind-opening journey that will surely open up new doors for you. We will dig deep into the timeless philosophy of the Yoga Sutras, discover how the practice relates to our daily lives, and deepen our physical practice in a meaningful way.  Upon completion you will be a certified yoga teacher, able to register with Yoga Alliance at the 200 hour level. 

You will learn:
Asana Alignment
Hands On Assists
Yoga Sutras & Bhagavad Gita
Chakras & Subtle Body Anatomy
History & Ethical Foundation of Yoga

Contact us at charleenp@yahoo.com to learn more.

About Happy Buddha Yoga...

 A lovely yoga studio in downtown Goshen with plenty of on-street parking and within easy walking distance of many local shops and cafes.
119 West Main St, Goshen, NY 10924