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Fall is finally upon us, after what seemed like such a stretched out summer due to all the pandemic pandemonium. We welcome the season that showers us with beautiful, color-changing leaves. Fall in Northeast Ohio is one of the best times to be outside. Besides the beautiful scenery, the weather is also phenomenal. There's a perfect period of weeks where it's not beastly hot out or as cold as the arctic circle.

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“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” -Henry David Thoreau

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Cuyahoga Valley National Park
Fall is here and there is one place that is exceptionally beautiful, and that place is the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Although this national park is not too far from the urban settings of Cleveland and Akron, it seems worlds away. It is a refuge for native plants and wildlife, and twisted throughout are paths for visitors to discover. The Cuyahoga River that winds through gives way to rolling hills, deep forests and open farmland. Tucked away in this park is the beautiful Brandywine Falls. Standing sixty feet tall the falls are a mesmerizing sight, especially when you are able to combo the falls with the turning of the fall leaves in the surrounding area.
Pictured above is the Brandywine Falls
Cleveland Museum of Art
The Cleveland Museum of Art is one of America's most renowned museums. Drawing over 550,000 people per year, the CMA currently houses over 61,000 works of art, that span over 6,000 years! There are plenty of world renowned artists present in the museum including Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, Salvador Dalí and Pablo Picasso. You might think that there would be a big price tag to see such an elegant collection of art, but you are wrong. The price of admission is free. The Cleveland Museum of Art has been highly ranked by tabloids such as Business Insider to USA Today. The toughest part about going to the CMA is how long you decide to stay there. You can easily spend your entire day there and still have rooms full of art that you will have to see the next time you go back. 
In other Northeast Ohio News...

Sports are back in full swing. Many consider these “covid” season to be over performing to most standards. Very few thought that they would be as successful as they are. Each of the four traditional leagues are now under way. With most multiple leagues having playoffs or championships as we speak, it's safe to say that these seasons have been successful. The MLB, NBA and NHL seasons are all coming to a close and their championships are ready to be played. The MLB regular season has come to a close and the playoffs are getting underway. While the MLB playoffs are just starting the NBA and NHL playoffs are coming to a close as they are looking to crown a champion. Who do you think will win each league? The NFL just kicked off its season a few weeks ago and so far there have not been many bumps in the road. Click below to read more about Cleveland sports.
Patriot Day
On September 11th the country celebrated Patriot Day! Bay Corporation wants to thank every man and woman who put themselves on the line to keep everyone else safe each and every day, and also to remember those who lost their lives.
On the road again
It's sad to say but we have not been on the road. Due to the virus all the trade shows have been canceled. The in person gathering of Medica has gone fully virtual, November 16-19. Bay Corporation has yet to decide if we will participate virtually. Another popular trade show we go to Arab Health has been moved to June 21-24. We are still waiting to hear the decisions from other main trade shows
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Covid-19 has now stretched into its seventh month and the novel coronavirus has become a household name. The virus is starting to be looked at as a societal norm, however, there are a couple of things that we have to remember. We can’t just go back to normal and each of us can still make a difference by following CDC guidelines. Testing is becoming more available to the public, with regular tests and rapid tests. A cure is in sight but many experts are saying that we won't have a cure readily available to the general consumer until the middle of 2021. Until then we will need to make sure we hold each other accountable to slow the spread of covid. 
This past summer, many of our employees took advantage of the summer weather by going outside and being active. One of the office's favorite outdoor pastimes has been golf. From the chatter around the office it does not look like they are going to slow down any time soon. Golf is a great way to get outside, exercise and relax all at the same time. The fall still offers plenty of chances to get outside and get active before the winter months stroll in and make it harder to get outside and get active.

Sustainability Tips
Here at Bay Corporation even though we are in the office and in the plant we know that there are still many people working from home. We have compiled our ten best tips for staying focused and motivated while working from home.
  1. Have a designated workspace away from distractions
  2. Establish clear working hours
  3. Close non-work-related tabs on your computer
  4. Write everything down in a calendar
  5. Keep your workspace clean and organized
  6. Change into some form of work attire when working
  7. Take a real lunch break that is not at your workspace
  8. Step outside for a break to get some fresh air
  9. Add and track time slots for certain tasks you must complete
  10. Open a window in your workspace if possible

Nurse Jenn
As mentioned in the last edition of the newsletter we hired a company nurse to help combat the fight against COVID-19. Jennifer Cseh is an Occupational Health Nurse. She is responsible for the prevention of illness and injury in the workplace, and promotes overall health and wellness. She has developed and implemented occupational health service programs including: Infectious Disease and COVID-19 Prevention Program, Immunization Program, Wellness Programs, Safety Program, and Health & disease prevention programs. She also provides Health Coaching that promotes and optimizes the physical and psycho-social well-being of our employees. We appreciate all that Nurse Jenn does to make sure we stay safe and healthy.
In The Spotlight
Name: Hannah Schmalz

Title: Customer Service Representative

Years at Bay Corporation: 1 year

Quick Facts: 1.   I have 3 cats, I like to read, I enjoy camping.

What are three things you have a passion for?
  1. My friends and family
  2. Self-improvement
  3. Winning Mario-Kart

What are your favorite things about Cleveland/Northeast Ohio?
I love all the activities there is to do during the fall.

Who will be the next Cleveland sports team to win a Championship? 
The Indians!
What are your proudest accomplishments professionally and personally?
Professionally, my growth here at Bay Corporation. Personally, keeping my house plants alive. 

Learn more about Hannah here!
Healthy Fall Recipes
Creamy Mac-and-Cheese Chicken Soup
Pumpkin Risotto
Toasted pumpkin seeds
Apple Tart
Brain Teaser Answer: An egg!