Life is changing as much as the leaves around here!
Summer has eased into Fall and the season of football, gradually shorter days and pumpkin flavored everything is officially here.

Ethan has been gone at college for 36 days, not that I'm counting. We miss him like crazy, but it helps our sad hearts to see him having fun, hiking, exploring and enjoying his classes and professors. Cade is staying busy as a high school freshman with some tough classes, but also having a great time playing on a challenging new baseball team. Corey is back to working mostly in the office, and is missing his corner office in the kitchen with the dogs. And I am slowly adjusting to the changes in our household while staying busier than I've ever been. I am grateful to be busy, and loving to be working and seeing all my clients!

With all the stress in the outside world, it's good to turn our attention inward to our own lives, and to think about how we can make small changes and movements toward living better- mind, body and soul.

Nourish your mind with a game. Improve your memory, challenge yourself and turn off the stress of your day with puzzles and games for your mind. Instead of Netflix binge-watching the day away, try doing a crossword puzzle, a game of sudoku or one of the many apps created to stimulate your brain.

Nurture your body with daily exercise. Just 30 minutes of cardio activity per day can boost your cardiovascular endurance, regulate your cholesterol, improve your heart health, lower your blood pressure and burn calories. Plus, exercise can also enhance your emotional well-being by releasing endorphins that improve your mood and ease your stress. Commit to just 30 minutes of movement a day and notice how your body and mind will thank you.

Fill your soul with the energy of nature! It's not too hot and not yet too cold, so it's the perfect season to get outdoors. Be still, watch the leaves, soak up some sunshine and feel the breeze. Breathe in the fall air and let it calm your soul.

Just one more note...because of the rise in covid cases in our area, and the closeness of the work I do with my clients, I am still requiring masks regardless of your vaccination status. I continue to keep the health and safety of my clients, family and myself as my top priority.
Thank you for your understanding!

I wish you all a healthy and happy Fall season!

Much love,

Bryn Rath, CMT
Tranquil Massage, LLC