Fall 2020
Fostering: What does it take to Foster a Cat?
Fostering is the backbone of PAWS. Without our large network of foster homes, we wouldn't exist.

Batkins & Vampurina
How Your Pet Can Find YOU if He Gets Lost!
Did you know that animals have unique characteristics that allow scientists to accurately tell one from another? Or that no two cats have identical nose-prints? 

How about this: what other animal can be Identified by their nose print? 

Plus, read Hope's story about how she was reunited with her family after slipping out of her Wakefield home.
Patience and Perseverance
Pay off for Kalten
Kalten is a beautiful, tuxedo boy who was found mooching meals from a kind, Melrose resident who called PAWS to help get him off the streets.

Although he seemed to be a friendly guy, things changed suddenly--presenting a serious dilemma for PAWS.

Keep your Pet's Safety in Mind when you Decorate your Home for Fall
As you begin your fall decorating, be mindful of your pets. Many plants might look beautiful, but can have adverse effects on your pet's health. Some can even be deadly.

In Memoriam:
Ruth Moser, Barbara McDevitt