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October 2019 

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Fall... The Season of Change.
Is it time you changed how you think about water?
Bottled water is marketed as artesian, ground, spring, distilled, purified, and well water. It is regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which bases its standards on the ones issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). People often choose bottled water as a healthier alternative to tap water, or for convenience. In 2017, US sales of bottled water was equivalent to 13.7 Billion gallons! Bottled water use is criticized for the negative impact to the environment, the potential for contaminants, not to mention the cost!

Nonetheless, the sales and volume of bottled water in the United States is staggering. Here are 6 facts and statistics to consider:
  • To make the annual demand of water bottles in the U.S., about  17 million barrels of oil are needed. 20 billion bottles are sent to landfills; some are incinerated, while most of those produced are never recycled ( estimates in 2008 were that over 2,480,000 tons of plastic bottles and containers were thrown away).
  • The cost of purchasing bottled water is much more than using the tap. A Consumer Reports analysis found that people can spend up to $346 per year on bottled water.
  • Bottled water is generally safe, but not always free of contaminants. The Natural Resources Defense Council conducted tests and found that it is not purer or safer than regular tap water. 
  • It is only safe to use polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles once. When used multiple times, they can leach chemicals that may be carcinogenic or disruptive to human hormones. The decomposition of plastic bottles releases toxic chemicals too.
  • A discarded  plastic water bottle lasts for years and years . Consider each of the 2.5 million thrown out in the U.S. every hour; it takes about 450 years for a bottle to decompose.
  • The process of manufacturing a plastic water bottle uses twice as much water as it can be filled with. In addition, millions of tons of carbon dioxide are emitted into the atmosphere during production.

If the taste or smell of your tap water is driving you to purchase bottled water, give Water-Flo a call for a water test and to find out what solutions can be implemented to get you back on tap. #banthebottle

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Water-Flo Maintenance Contracts

If you are in our contract service area (most towns in New London, New Haven and Middlesex Counties) you should have received an email from us about the 2020 well pump and water treatment maintenance contracts. 

These are 5 reasons to consider a maintenance contract for your systems:
1. We will test your pump and/or treatment system to insure it is working properly! Not having water is never convenient!
2. We have saved hundreds of customers, thousands of dollars by diagnosing a problem before it becomes a costly repair.
3. A maintenance contract pays for itself in the first visit, plus you get additional visits at no charge. Without a maintenance contract you pay for each visit.
4. Maintenance contracts offer many free benefits that you would otherwise pay for, plus discounts on major equipment installations.
5. Our maintenance contracts provide security and value to one of the most important resources in your home, your water.

If you missed the contract email or want more information, please refer to our Contract page on the website:  Water-Flo 2020 Maintenance Contract Information

5 Star Review  
We get excited hearing from our customers about how our work has impacted their homes, businesses and lives. This is one of our most recent testimonials:
"Great, prompt, cost effective service. Called and they arrived an hour later, diagnosed and repaired the issue in an hour. We had a quote from another company for quite a bit more. Water-Flo saved our small business thousands. I don't usually write reviews, but this was outstanding, professional service."
Meet Our Team
Mary Lou Sunday

Mary Lou has been with Water-Flo since the start- 27 years! She is the bookkeeper for the company and her favorite part of the business is the interaction with the customers. Mary Lou also works for the Old Saybrook Department of Police Services part-time as a record clerk. Between that, Water-Flo and keeping Nick in line, she's very busy! She still finds time for reading, traveling, exercise and dining out with family in her free time. Mary Lou and Nick have two daughters, two relatively new son-in-laws, and are excited to be welcoming their first grandchild in April. Her motto is "treat other people the way you want to be treated."
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Water-Flo provides emergency service, but how do I know if my problem is an emergency?
Here at Water-Flo, we provide emergency service 7 days a week 365 days a year. Our on-call technician is available to answer your calls between 7:00am and 10:00pm every day. For emergencies outside of this time frame we direct you to our website where there is an emergency service tab. Clicking on this tab will provide you with instructions for a variety of emergency situations.

What is an emergency? We consider an emergency to be one of the following: no water or a significant and active leak that is part of the well pump or water treatment system. Leaks in the plumbing beyond a pump or treatment system should be referred to a licensed plumber. Feel free to contact us regarding any of your concerns, however, priority is given to true emergencies.

We have some great tips on our website on how to diagnose your water problem and when to call us for emergency service:  FAQs

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