October 2nd, 2018
Hello friends!

It is wise to consciously choose our beliefs so that we know they are in harmony with the life we wish to live. The negative beliefs we picked up along our life journey can be rewritten. It is possible to look at oneself through fresh, loving eyes - something we support in ourselves and our customers every day here in the store.  How revitalizing this can be! 

Here's a selection of what's new in the store...

Ponchos for everyone and all occasions!

Fleece lined headbands and felted fairies.

Gloves galore!  
Sparkly, velvety, wooly, furry, leather, suede, fleece.  
Many of them have touch sensors.

Our beautiful sand scapes now in little 4 inch round frames.  
Perfect for desk tops and peaceful corners.

No matter what kind of 'stuck' you find yourself in, this litttle handbook of Buddhist insight and teaching has something that will help you back to your path.  Here's an extract from the section on paying attention:

Realize your connection to the Underlying Unity of All Life

Imagine the ocean representing All That Is or the One Substance of the Universe.  Then, imagine your lifespan as a tiny bubble that forms on the surface - still part of the ocean but with a separate identity.  You go through your life as a bubble, bobbing around on the ocean, having your particular ride on the waves or time sitting in a bog.  When you "die" - or, you might say, your bubble pops - you dissoves back into the ocean.  At one level you were a separate bubble with a separate lifespan, and at another you were always part of the One Energy.

What does this have to do with getting unstuck in life?  It reminds you that you're part of something bigger, a force beyond your comprehension.  You can bring attention to the dance of today while simultaneously remembering that you're passing through a moment in the cosmic scope of time.  You are, and always have been, and always will be, part of the One Substance of the Universe.  This perspective gives you a touchstone to help you remember the temporal nature of your physical body, emotions, joys and thoughts.  It brings deeper meaning to the phrase, "this too shall pass."  We're part of the One Substance that can neither be created nor destroyed.

This is the reverse side of the card at the top of this newsletter, I create wonderful new beliefs for myself.  It is one of the timeless classics in Louise Hay's deck of Wisdom Cards.  

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