.......there's a chill in the air.....let's crank up the temp!!!

Monday (10/2)
10:30AM Yoga (Lisa)

Tuesday (10/3)
9:15AM SpinCycle60 (Matt)

Friday (10/6)
9:15AM SpinCycle60 (Matt)

Saturday (10/7)
8:30AM SpinCycle60 (Heather)

* We all know exercise is great for us...check out how it helps us live longer and better!!!*

TFG also offers Personal Training
and Small Group Training if that's more your style!

Make sure to visit our website for more info and to sign up for a class today!

*TFG's cancellation policy*

* Class starts promptly. Please arrive at class within 15 minutes of the start time.

* Sometimes our classes can be undersubscribed. Classes with fewer than three people signed up in advance will be cancelled no later than two hours before class begins. An email notice will be sent to all clients who are registered along with our sincere apologies.

* We value our drop-in clients. No shows or folks that cancel within 1 hour of the class start time will be charged. This includes people who get into class off the waitlist.

Drop ins are charged $20- thanks for planning ahead and signing up!

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