July 20, 2020

Dear students, faculty and staff,
Like you, we have been closely following the scientific research being done on the coronavirus. We are also in regular contact with conservatories and music schools around the country, learning about their strategies to protect their communities and sharing information that benefits all student musicians.
Throughout our decision making, we have prioritized the health and safety of our people. With that as our foremost objective, and based on all the available science, this weekend we made the decision to adjust our plans for woodwind, brass and voice students for the beginning of year.
  • Woodwind, brass and voice students will take lessons virtually, using low-latency technology in the building or other fully remote options. In-person outdoor lessons may be possible. Faculty will receive more information about outdoor options next week. (For voice majors, this is an update, based on new information, to the message you received last week from Dr. Southern.)
  • Low-latency technology creates a broadcast quality, real time, delay-free video and audio experience for both students and faculty members. Lessons within the building using this low-latency technology will be conducted with the student in one room and the faculty member in another.
  • As previously announced, CIM’s main building will be open for practice and for lessons (subject to local health orders as described in this email from July 15).
  • Woodwind and brass chamber music will also be virtualized. Current best practices recommend 15 feet of physical distancing for unmasked musicians playing indoors – much farther apart than is feasible for satisfactory chamber music or than our facilities can accommodate.
  • This revised approach is consistent with that of the peer conservatories and schools who are planning for any in-person work this fall.
While we will begin the year in this manner, the most comprehensive scientific study conducted to date is scheduled to be released in early September. We are positioned to transition quickly to more in-person instruction if the study result indicate.
Typically we would share a more comprehensive update that includes more details, but with just three short weeks left before we Start with Music on August 10, we wanted you to have the adjusted plan right away. By Wednesday, July 22, we will share the specifics about chamber music, opera, orchestra and recital policies with students and faculty in woodwinds, brass and voice. That message will include information about who to contact if you have remaining questions.
Paul W. Hogle, President | CEO
Judy Bundra, PhD, Chief Academic Officer and Dean