Fall update from Holy Cross

We are excited to bring you another update from Holy Cross School.

The new school year began with the annual September celebrations, a month of patriotic events, parades and celebrating Belize's independence just 37 years ago.

The first two months have passed quickly. Photos from our first day back are posted on our website, and a few everyday events can be found on our facebook page.

Vernon and Francis Wilson will be in the Newport News area from November 19 until the first week in December and would love to reconnect with friends from Holy Cross. Please let Francis know if you would like to get together for coffee or lunch or a glass of wine! Her phone in the US is 704-777-8579 and email is   
We welcome a new principal and vice principal
Principal Olivia Tasher
We are thrilled to announce that Ms. Olivia Tasher is now the Principal of Holy Cross School, following the retirement of Mr. Rodney Griffith. Many of you will know Ms. Tasher from her many years serving as the vice principal of Holy Cross.

Ms. Tasher writes:

It is truly a privilege to be the newly appointed principal of Holy Cross Anglican School. As the head of this great institution, I can assure you that I share in this school community’s dedication to caring for our students while providing them with a meaningful learning environment.
In 2009, I took up the challenging post as vice principal at Holy Cross Anglican School here in San Pedro. Assisting students to reach their full potential has always been my goal in my thirty-plus years as an educator.
Teaching is my passion. Working with the students here has really broadened my outlook on life. As the new principal, I aspire to a school culture and educational program conducive to student learning and development. I seek to foster positive behavior, student and staff team work and cooperation within the school’s environment. My experience has afforded me with tremendous opportunities to establish relationships with staff, students, parents, support staff, members of the Holy Cross Education Foundation and other shareholders.
To conclude, I relish the range of challenges that comes with this new position. I hope that I can further these relationships to make Holy Cross one of the country’s most effective schools which will provide every child the ability to cope with the challenges of the 21 st century.
Vice Principal Lizette James
We also welcome back Ms. Lizette James, who has returned to Holy Cross to serve as vice principal.

Ms. James taught at Holy Cross for 5 years before moving to the mainland to gain experience in school leadership.

She has 22 years experience in education and holds a Masters in Education Leadership.
Meet our teachers
Over the years we've shared hundreds of stories about our students and volunteers. But we've never shared the stories of our hardworking teachers.

The stories of how our teachers came to choose teaching, what inspires them and some of their favorite memories are fascinating.

You can read about our Preschool, Infant 1 and Infant 2 teachers here, or join our facebook page, where we share a story each week.
How do you fundraise?
Bake Sales... Raffles... Talent evenings... Auctions... Rummage Sales... There are a lot of good ways to raise money.

Over the years we've heard many stories of how teams and churches raise funds to support us.

A few stories have stood out, so we're sharing just in case anyone is looking for new ideas.

PLEASE - if you know of any other great ideas, reply and let us know. We love to hear stories and would be happy to add more ideas to the list.
What's on the wish list?
Along with the usual need for markers and filler paper, printer parts are becoming an urgent part of our wish list. Here are our current top 5 needed items
  • Toner Kyocera TK-1172
  • Printer Heads (see list)
  • White out
  • Pocket folders
  • Ryobi 6 port 18v battery charger

Thank you once again for your ongoing support of Holy Cross.

Please mention our name and wish-list if you hear that any of your friends are coming to Belize.

We look forward to seeing you again sometime.

From the team at Holy Cross
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