Fallen Heroes Memorial Garden - Landmark
Not every hero lives forever, so Titan City built the Fallen Heroes’ Memorial Garden to remember their loss.
The Fallen Heroes Memorial Garden has an entire block to itself, along the edge of Old Bradford near the Cove Bridge along the water. A low stone wall runs around the block where it allows access to the sea wall that runs along the block.
The current Fallen Heroes’ Memorial Garden is the fourth such monument Titan City has constructed. The first was built during WWII about 1942 to commemorate the first few fallen heroes, including a couple in the war effort. It was destroyed in 1947 by an ex-Axis villain who blew it up using a revolutionary explosive that might had won the war for the Axis. He hoped to hold the city hostage, but was defeated. The second memorial was built in 1962 but was lost only five years later when a freak exposure to cosmic radiation sent into into a bizarre alternate dimension. The third version wasn’t built until about 1986, but was destroyed when a massively dangerous villain no one had ever heard of before appeared one day and began to kill every hero he could find. After the villain was finally defeated, the city decided in 1997 to demolish the bullet-riddled, blood-soaked ruins and rebuild it as we know it today. Since then, the memorial has been the occasional target villainous factions. Fortunately there will always be heroes in Titan City to discover these plans and foil them.

Construction for today’s park was an effort coordinated with many heroes of Titan City, all of whom did so anonymously: every steel girder within the large wall outside was bent into shape by hand, the tunnel dug with someone’s scientific vaporizing beam and the gardens quickly grown with mutant abilities.