What happens when you get a new computer and start going through close to 10 years of old e-mails and photos?  There's a whole lot of deleting, certainly.  But, there's a lot of falling back too... falling back into your past.... which can bring you to the present. 

While I've found it super easy to get sucked back into those moments in time... so many e-mails and photos, some from loved ones whose bodies are no longer of this earth... I've been trying, instead, to use this process as a reminder to live in the present.  Instead of re-living the past, I'm honoring how each of those moments and experiences have played an important part in who I am today.  Going through this process, instead of deleting everything immediately, as some people might, has allowed me an important opportunity... to decide what past experiences I want to bring with me into my current life. 

Much like returning to our breath in our yoga practice when our mind wanders, this process has been a conscious shift over and over again back to the moment I'm in now.  Reaching out to friends whom I haven't connected with in too long to let them know I am still thinking about them today has been a great side effect of this whole experience!

As we all find ourselves "falling back" this weekend (as Daylight Savings Time ends - see that theme I wove through here?), perhaps we can all begin to clean out our literal and mental in-boxes?  Using the darker and cooler days ahead to cull from our pasts an awareness of what has fed us body, mind, and spirit and what has led us to who we are today.  Making sure that the things that need to be deleted are and the moments and people we want to retain get brought into the NOW!


w/ Jen Stratakis

FRIDAY, October 30th 2015
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SUNDAY, November 1st 2015
5:30-7 p.m.

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