To: Phase 2 Owners

From: Phase 2 Board

Date: 11/5/23

Re: Dumpsters

Dear Owners:

Please note the following important information regarding dumpsters:

  • FWBR now has two community recycle dumpsters located at 6700 & 6800.
  • The recycle dumpster at 6670 has been removed and that dumpster is closed until December 1. At that point it will return to a regular trash dumpster. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ANY TRASH OUTSIDE THAT DUMPSTER.
  • We ask that you post this information for your guests, renters, cleaners and contractors.
  • There have been several recent instances of large boxes etc. being placed outside dumpsters. It is the owner’s responsibility to make sure that all cardboard boxes and large items are broken down and placed in the trash or recycle dumpsters. Waste management will not pick up trash outside our dumpsters.
  • BEARS: as you know, bears are native to Florida. We have bear proof dumpsters and all latches etc. on the dumpsters and enclosure have the proper latches. Everyone has been doing a great job recently assuring those latches are secured after disposing of trash. Please continue to be vigilant assuring all latches are secure.

As always, if you have any questions and/or concerns please feel free to contact the Phase 2 Board members!!

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