PFC Meeting tomorrow (10/12) at 6pm.
Agenda is here.
Zoom Information:

Meeting ID: 854 6696 8581
Passcode: PFCMeeting
Community Event:
Let's dine out at Tandoori Pizza on October 16 and show that Fallon Middle School Parents care about local businesses. This is not a fundraiser-this dine-out is to support our local businesses.
This event is not to promote any individual or business. Due to the pandemic, since we all can’t sit and eat there, we will be ordering and taking out. Let's make Friday night a fun community night and post your picture on Fallon PFC's FB page to show what kind of pizza you ordered.
Please click here for more details.
Every Fallon Student Has A WeVideo Account:
Thank you to the generous financial support from our Fallon PFC. They purchased a one year premium access to WeVideo, which will allow you to create podcasts, videos, screencasts and much more. Please visit this link to learn how to access your Fallon WeVideo account. Sign in at https://www.wevideo.com/
Community Event-Fallon's Favorite Recipes
We are hosting a fun virtual community event that shows off our students' cooking skills. There will be prizes for the top recipes.
Please click here for more information. The deadline is 10/19/20. For questions-please email our Vice President Sherry Hu at FMSPFCvicepresident@gmail.com.
Principal's Corner
Mustang Minute
Principal Rocha’s Mustang Minute for this week.

Materials Distribution Make Up
If you were unable to pick up the new science workbooks and PE pack please use the following link to book an appointment for pick up:
*Please note that there are no more thermometers at this time.
Fallon Grade-level Class Pages coming soon!
Students: you will notice soon (if not already) a change on your Canvas Home Page and/or your Infinite Campus schedule for 2nd quarter to include a new class. Do not be alarmed! Depending on your grade-level, the course is titled “FMS Class of 20__: _th Grade Class Page.” You might also see the title, “FMS _th Grade.” For those of you who attended Fallon last year, this “class” is in lieu of our Grade-level Google Classrooms.

We will refer to the new course as your Grade-level or Class page. IT IS NOT a class you will ever “attend.” It is solely used by our administrators, counselors, teachers and support staff to keep you informed of activities, announcements and other things happening for Fallon students.  

Please check it regularly or when instructed to by your teachers, as there may be a survey (for example) we would like our students to take. It is a great space for us to collect and share information with you.

Remember, it will look like an actual course in your schedule, but WILL NOT be one to “attend” (unless there’s a virtual meeting we want over 500 students to participate in!) 

We wanted to further clarify how creating the Canvas Grade-level Class Page courses affected your schedule in Infinite Campus.

Course 111111 "Small Group & Self Directed Learn" was used to populate the Canvas Grade-level Class Page course. On Infinite Campus, 7th and 8th grade students now see their 1st quarter class "dropped" with Kelly Zummo and replaced with Cheryl Di Grazia (7th) or Candice Baligaya (8th) 2nd-4th quarters. For 6th graders, students only see that Kelly Zummo's name has been added to the course for all quarters.

Basically, on Infinite Campus the grade-level class page doesn't have the same title as the actual Canvas "course." As with our message earlier about this exciting change, there is no class for you to actually attend.  On your Canvas account, this "course" is used for announcements, activities and surveys for Fallon students and staff by grade-level.
Fallon ASB Student Clubs
Fallon is opening the process for students to explore their interests through student clubs. There's no deadline; you can start a club anytime. However, we outlined the initial timeline and process for club review, so students understand when clubs will be reviewed for the first time.
October 1 - Club applications are available to students
October 9 - Club applications can begin being turned in to Preetha 
October 16 - Student Council will begin reviewing/approving Club Applications 
Visit this link to learn how to continue or form a club. An announcement of continuing clubs will be shared soon.
Stress Management Workshops for Students and Parents
Presented by our friends in the School Based Services department at the Portia Bell Hume Behavioral Health and Training Center
Student: This workshop is for all students to help with coping skills and stress management during these difficult times! Free event.
Thursday, October 22 at 3 pm on Zoom. Flyer below includes registration information.

Parent Workshop: Has the pandemic left you feeling a bit frustrated and overwhelmed? Are you finding that you do not have enough time for yourself while trying to make sure your teen attends all their classes throughout the day? If you feel like this is you, then you may benefit from this workshop! This workshop will focus on providing you with coping skills and stress management techniques to help get you through these hard times. Free event.
Friday, October 23 at 4:30 pm on Zoom. Flyer below includes registration information.
Community Sessions:
Community sessions with Principal Rocha are underway and attendance has been strong with over 125 participants overall. During these sessions, there is an opportunity to have a dialogue face-to-face and engage in important conversations.

Each week, Principal Rocha will share key questions and responses from these sessions, in moderation of course, through weekly communication with the entire community. Sign up here for future sessions.
Fallon PFC Facebook Group
Click HERE and join the Fallon PFC Facebook group to receive PFC/School updates and reminders. 
Please be sure to answer all the membership questions in order for your request to be approved. Thanks.
Mask Fundraiser
Each mask is $5.
​Please click here to
buy the masks. Right now only masks B & D are available.
PFC Enrichment
We have excellent programs scheduled for this year's enrichment. Please check them out here.
Staff Contact List
The Fallon School Office is closed due to the shelter in place in Alameda Country. 
For questions please contact the following staff members:
Math Questions and incoming 8th graders baligayacandice@dublinusd.org
Enrollment werderkristin@dublinusd.org
Health Office igarashiyoshiko@dublinusd.org
ASB (Spirit wear) daspreetha@dublinusd.org
Attendance moorecarrie@dublinusd.org
General Questions and Questions for the Principal brownmartha@dublinusd.org
Incoming 6th graders zummokelly@dublinusd.org
Incoming 7th graders digraziacheryl@dublinusd.org
Fallon School PFC
Eleanor Murray Fallon Middle School
3601 Kohnen Way
Dublin, CA 94568