September 13, 2015
 Issue #3

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the new school year at Fallon Middle School! The Fallon Flash is a weekly newsletter from the PFC about important happenings in Fallon. Parents who are not receiving this newsletter can click on this link to subscribe.  Go Mustangs!

Fallon PFC
First Fallon Dance of the School Year
The first Fallon dance of the school year will be held this Thursday. 6th graders are invited to attend from 3:30-6:00 p.m., and the school will provide a designated space for them to store backpacks during the dance. 7th and 8th graders are invited from 6:30-9:00 p.m.  Students who have purchased an "All Dance Pass" must turn in the signed yellow permission slip to the ASB window. They will receive an "ASB" sticker on their ID card and a wristband to gain entry to the dance. All other students attending the dance must turn in a signed permission slip in order to purchase a wrist band from the ASB window by 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday. Students who have not completed these tasks by 3:30 on Wednesday will not be allowed to attend the dance on Thursday. Please remind your child to listen to the daily announcements for further details. 
Volunteer Chaperones Needed for School Dances
Parent and staff supervision ensures that all students have a fun and safe time at school dances. Please volunteer to chaperone at least one school dance during your child's three years at Fallon. Failure to secure a sufficient number of parent chaperones may result in cancellation of future events. Please check the following Sign-up Genius link to sign up as chaperones for various dance events organized by the school: 
Fallon Teachers Have Posted Projects on "Donors Choose" Website
Many parents are familiar with the Donors Choose website that allows people to contribute to specific school projects and needs posted by individual teachers.   
In fact, some companies including Chevron here in the East Bay provide employees with credits to donate on Please use the search term 'Eleanor Murray Fallon School' to see several projects posted by Fallon teachers  and help support our school and students in this way! 

Traffic Safety Reminders
Thank you to everyone who is regularly obeying traffic rules in our drop-off and pick-up circle. In addition, please slow down and stay alert on the streets around Fallon and remind your children to pay attention as they are commuting to school. Last week a Fallon student suffered minor injuries after being struck by a car in an intersection. The Fallon administrative team and district leaders are working with the Dublin Police Department to explore additional measures that can be taken to safeguard our students. Together we can ensure that our students have safe routes to and from the school. 
Spirit Week is coming up!!!
Monday 14th: Crazy sock day
Tuesday 15th: 80's/Neon Day
Wednesday 16th: Tacky Tourist Day
Thursday 17th : Sunglasses Day
Friday 18th: Super Spirit (Fallon spirit)

Parent-led Enrichment Programs
Do you have a passion or interest that you could share with Fallon students? PFC is working with parent volunteers to establish new and exciting enrichment programs at Fallon. 
These programs are only possible if there are enough parent volunteers who step up to lead. 
The deadline to submit applications to start a new enrichment program is Sept 15. Visit the PFC enrichment website for more opportunities for students & parents. 
Fallon Mathletes
Fallon Mathletes is a parent volunteer-led after school enrichment program for Fallon students who are excited about Math! They will train for the MOEMS Math Olympiads, and take part in fun Math games.  
Student Mathlete signup:
Fallon Speech & Debate
Fallon Speech & Debate is a parent volunteer-led after school enrichment program for Fallon students who are interested in speech and debate. We are seeking for parent coaches who can coach a group of 10 students each. We are accepting parent coach signups. 

Follow Principal Sweeney on Social Media
If you have a Facebook or a Twitter account and would like to follow Principal Sweeney's communications through social media, please find her on Twitter @FallonPrincipal and on Facebook as Principal Sweeney.

This Week
Next Week
Monday (9/14)

Monday (9/21)
PFC Meeting-6.30-8.00pm 
Tuesday (9/15)

Tuesday (9/22)
School Board Meeting-5.30pm
Wednesday (9/16)

Wednesday (9/23)
Thursday (9/17)
6th Grade dance: 3.30-6pm

7th Grade dance: 6.30-9pm
Thursday (9/24)

Friday (9/18)
8th Grade Vision & Hearing Screening
Friday (9/25)
Enrichment & Club Fair for students
11.50 am-1.20pm

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