June 12  2016 | Issue # 40


PFC Enrichment Programs
Parents of 2016-17 Fallon students are invited to take this survey http://goo.gl/forms/fJ4FyTQ1iFVhcup23 .

Fall Check-in Dates
            Fall Check-In for Fallon students will take place on  August 8th  (6th grade),  August 9th  (7th grade),           and  August 10th  (8th grade). Please make a note on your calendar. Detailed information about                 Fall Check-In will be e-mailed to families over the summer. Please consider volunteering                         at the Fallon PFC table during the Fall check-in process using this link.

Stay in Touch with Fallon Over the Summer

While you are traveling and enjoying your summer break, please check in occassionally for     updates from the Fallon staff. Important news will be posted on the  
Fallon website , and you can 
also follow Principal Sweeney on Facebook. Enjoy your vacation!
Subscribe to the Fallon Flash
    The Fallon Flash is a weekly newsletter from the PFC about important happenings in Fallon. Parents         who are not receiving this newsletter can   click on this link to subscribe. If you are not going to have         any student in Fallon this upcoming year (2016-2017), please click on the unsubscribe link at the               bottom of this newsletter to be removed from the mailing list. Thanks.
    Go Mustangs!

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