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Hello All,
This evening, Environmental Health Trust has issued a press release whos heading boldly claims "Maine Legislature Passes First in the Nation State-Wide Law Requiring Cellphone Makers to Tell the Public About Radio Frequency Radiation".

This statement is totally false and misleading as the bill has not even gone to vote yet on the senate floor and the headline has the potential to do more harm than good in the senate tomorrow.  I would like to clarify that Maine did NOT pass the cell phone bill yet, it is not state law yet, it is not first in the nation yet as the false headline stated and goes to vote tomorrow in the senate - hopefully. 

Issuing a false and misleading press release on such an important matter not only undermines the credibility of Environmental Health Trust as a group, Dr. Devra Davis as an individual and even possibly the company who distributed the press release, but more importantly, Rep. Boland feels this action could potentially put the bill itself in jeopardy should the Maine senate get wind of this.  Getting a "gun shy" senate to vote for this bill when leadership and the industry might be urging them otherwise is hard enough.  But something like this has the potential to ricochet out of control and create chaos on the senate floor tomorrow and in fact work AGAINST Rep. Boland and others who have worked so hard on this bill and of course the people who would benefit from it. 

Actions like this truly hurt this struggle more than help it.  We can only hope that the bill does indeed go to vote and does pass tomorrow and that this misleading press release heading does NOT get picked up tonight by the press and fall into the wrong hands tomorrow morning before the vote.  I have been asked by Rep. Boland, who is 3 hours ahead of us and trying to sleep, to do damage control on this if possible, so I just called the company (who is now closed) who issued the misleading headline and requested they distribute a retraction statement first thing in the morning when they are open tomorrow, in case this has fallen into the hands of any Maine senators, their staff or the Governor.

My apologies to all who have read EHTs headline in their press release and the false premise under which it was issued.  The headline is completely fabricated and gives the impression the bill passed the legislature.  It only passed the house over a week ago, not the senate and could still even be vetoed by the governor, although we are hopeful and have worked very hard to see to it that that does not happen.  But the wireless industry is a beast, so it has yet to be determined.  

Liz Barris,
Director  http://www.AmericanAssociationForCellPhoneSafety.org

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