Fame and Reputation with Feng Shui
When you think of the word Fame - what comes to mind? A positive reputation - being highly regarded, an expert in your field? Or do you think of celebrities or YouTubers doing "anything" for it - which honestly may not be a good thing.

Well, the Fame and Reputation gua is all about that - how you are thought of in your field, being famous (if that's what you want), but also being confident and well-respected in your work - with family - within your community. Essentially how you feel about yourself and how others feels as well. And depending on the "state" of your Fame gua - located in the back center of your bagua (stand at the front of your house facing the door and draw a tic/tac/toe grid over the entire structure) - that space could give you a sense of how your fame is feeling.

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Click the image below to watch Kim Julen, Finding Your Fiji, talk about Fame and Reputation - the basics, where it's located, the Fire element, and other ideas for Boosting Your Fame.
The Feng Shui Fire Element and Fame and Reputation
From Bridget Saraka, every room needs a little bit of the Fire Element to warm things up and set a really groovy mood. But like cayenne pepper, a little goes a long way especially when introduced to rooms outside of the Fame and Reputation Gua. The Fire Element is often described as expansive, explosive and destructive and therefore does not always play well with the other 4 Elements.
Fame and Reputation - A Case Study
From Carmel Malone-Quane, had a client who wanted to attract new windows and also mentioned her eyes were gritty. Carmel immediately recognized this was an issue with the Fame gua, as it relates to the eyes, and windows represent our vision.

"The fame and reputation sector of the ba gua has to do with being your authentic self in the world. When this gua is activated, one can live with clarity and integrity and thus truly live their best life. It is associated with the element of fire, animal energy, the number 9 and triangular shapes."

~~Carmel Malone Quane
Feng Shui Fame Tip
Showcase your Red Phoenix to enhance your Fame & Reputation by framing and hanging your diplomas on the back center wall of your office. Honor your perseverance, hard work, and dedication, and others will too. Yes, really. Hang yours. Watch how you feel different about yourself. You are planting seeds of respect.

Spotlight Feng Shui School Interview
Director/owner of the American Academy of Metaphysics, Beth Grace, is an International Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics consultant who began her studies at the New England School of Feng Shui and continued her training with Joey Yap in Malaysia as well as other masters in the United States and Asia. She is passionate about the high level of technical expertise and professionalism in her work as an educator and consultant.

Q: What is your favorite nugget of wisdom about using Feng Shui yourself?
Beth: The most important thing I have learned about Feng Shui is that you must use this knowledge to support and empower yourself first before helping others. We cannot practice Feng Shui unless we first live it authentically and successfully ourselves.

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