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Either you’ve already experienced it, you’re in the middle of it, or it’s on the horizon. What is it? Separation Anxiety. Pediatricians help us understand that separation anxiety is so tough on kids because they don’t understand object permanence. A child realizes Mom is gone, and what they think is, “Oh my gosh, MY MOM IS GONE,” like forever gone.

That's why it's wise to play hide and seek or peekaboo with little ones. We want to reinforce the idea that even though you can’t see an object doesn’t mean it’s gone. The fear produced over this misunderstanding is what we call separation anxiety. It creates an anxiety in our children, and much of the time, an anxiety in us as parents.


We have all heard verses like I Peter 5:7, “Cast all your anxiety on Him because He

cares for you.” Why, then, is there a growing epidemic of anxiety disorder among children? It is, in fact, one of the fastest growing problems among young

children. Children younger and younger are dealing with anxiety. Maybe it is

even a problem in your own home with your children.

This month’s online parenting class is taking on this tough topic, with some love

and grace. You know, as well as we know, God does, in fact, care for your children. We, too, love your children and love being able to open God’s words of hope and joy with them every week.

If you'd like to sit down and talk about anxiety, let us know. We can even connect you to a Christian professional in our area to help your child and family with this difficult issue.


Do you know what the most common mental concern is in the United

States? It is Anxiety Disorder. It effects 40 million adults. It also is the most

common mental struggle for teens. Nearly 32% of adolescents have suffered

from serious anxiety at some point.

This month for our Online Parenting Class, we want to offer you some

helpful, loving advice and guidance. We do not want to ignore this growing problem that may also be impacting your family.

Not every feeling of anxiety and worry is sin or evil. We know that there

are many things that can affect your teen and their feelings of anxiety. Remember: we have a powerful God with powerful promises. Pray over your teen this

month, whether they're struggling with anxiety or not, and consider these verses:

Luke 12:22-26: May my teen not be worried or anxious about the

superficial things of this world.

– Ps. 27:1: God, allow my teen to realize that they can run to you in moments

of anxiety and you will protect them.

– Ps. 118:6-7: Guide my teen as they go through their day today. Allow them

to not worry about what other people say, think, or do.

– Phil. 4:6-7: Lord, give my teen peace in their heart and their mind.

We are available to talk, pray, or just listen to you and/or your teen. If you are

seeking professional advice or help, please also let us know. We can connect you to a Christian professional in our area to help your child and family with this difficult issue.