Dear Families,

We are reaching out with an update to our Health and Safety COVID Guidelines. With more and more shifts in how we are navigating this “new normal,” it is only to be expected that we continue to be flexible with constantly changing criteria.


TLC will participate in the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and the Department of Public Health’s at-home antigen testing program.

This program is for TLC staff and students only. Everyone who opts-in will receive (1) test kit with (2) individual tests once every two weeks. This would account for one test per week for two weeks. If you have more than one child who attends school at TLC, you must complete an opt-in form for each student.

Please opt-in by filling out this form.

The at-home antigen test program only requires you to opt-in. By opting-in, we will know who needs an at-home test kit. 

We ask that families/caregivers complete this form ASAP if they want to be included in the first distribution of tests. Families can opt-in at any time, and they will be included in the next available test distribution date. 

We plan to distribute the tests by sending them home with students. We expect to distribute our first supply of tests on February 15th.
We ask that all families test their children on Sunday, February 27, prior to returning to school after break. After that point, and going forward for the rest of the school year, we strongly recommend that families test their child(ren) every Wednesday. This will allow for 48-72 hours following any weekend activities, and, if the test is positive, helps reduce the number of missed school days due to quarantine protocols.

Please continue to report any positive results to our TLC Nursing Office: (508) 879-5110 ext. 520. You do not have to communicate negative test results.

With the recent shifts in both our participation in At-Home Testing, and our revised Flow Chart, TLC is no longer conducting contact tracing for staff or students.


A requirement of our participation in this at-home testing program is for the TLC to provide symptomatic testing during school hours. Therefore, if a student or staff member begins to exhibit signs of COVID-19 during the school day, we will also provide testing on-campus. Consent is required to participate in the at-school symptomatic testing program.

To opt-in to this Consent, please fill out this online form
(NOTE: When it asks you to choose your District, please scroll down to select The Learning Center for the Deaf).

Multilingual consent forms can be found here. 
Thank you for continuing to work with us as we provide the highest level of safety and care to our entire TLC community.
Glennis Matthews