Over the past year and a half, we received countless calls with simple requests:
"How can we help you?" Or "We heard you can help!"

At the onset of the pandemic, we were scrambling and vulnerable, then it happened. Parents started bringing cleaning supplies and feeding our teachers. As things worsened, the same parents, their friends, and families we served years ago began calling and asking, "We heard you could help!" 

Why had they thought of us? First, to help us, and then, to call us for help. We were experiencing mutuality, belonging to one another: Our most significant and proudest moment of success in 7 years. Lasting Kinship. Family First. Friendship.  

Enjoy a glimpse into kinship, followed by two exciting Press Releases!

Serving through Kinship
Around 7 years ago, we were sitting around in this exact spot, dreaming of a place where families furthest from opportunities could find a place to flourish. Now, Ms. Camila and the children are in the same place, dreaming of a future where there are no boundaries, and every family can flourish to their fullest potential. Flourishing is to break forth or bloom. It is most evident when serving one another. Mutuality.
We are often the first step on the ladder to success as families begin to bloom. We begin partnerships early in our families' homes, where trust and moments of lasting kinship occur. Families we served 7 years ago still call because we are a family first. We flourish together. Lasting Kinship.

St. James Lutheran and Calvary churches, you were there 7 years ago, and continue planting roots in our preschool garden and our community!
Congratulations Class of 2021!

You did it! Congratulations to our 39 graduates and their families! They are super ready for Kindergarten! And, to our teachers and staff, you are an extraordinary team who never gave up and instead gave your all during one of the hardest years this country has ever faced. What a resilient group of moms, dads, grandparents, children, and teachers. They will forever be family. We are excited so many of you are in our Summer Camps!
Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation Announces Community Progress Fund Grant Awards Trustees award grants totaling $1.3 million to 32 organizations across the state.
We are so honored to be a part of this group of grantees! This funding comes at just the right time as we expand our ParentChild+ program into several new communities in Cabarrus County, addressing gaps in services for 2-3-year-olds by working with caregiver/child together for 2 years, twice-weekly in the home. ZSR funding will support the program’s growth with an overall goal of reaching 50 families.

Being in the home is the heartbeat of Families First, and this model improves the lives of families – impacting generations and communities!

Families First and Feeding Kannapolis Hunger were recently awarded a grant from No Kid Hungry to decrease food insecurity in young children. Feeding Kannapolis Hunger is a non-profit agency that collaborates with local famers and grocers to provide fresh produce and foods to families struggling with food insecurity. Read how families across programs will receive fresh food boxes for 48 straight weekends - Huge thanks!

Special Announcements
Congrats and more Grads!
A huge thank you to our own teachers and all other teachers for going above and beyond this past year. We know it has been difficult and we are grateful for your selflessness and dedication to our community's children.

We also want to spotlight Ms. Trinity and Mrs. Xcaret, who both graduated with their Associate's Degrees this past year. Also congratulations to Ms. Camila for earning her Child Care Specialist Certificate and Ms. Nida for earning her Certificate in Infant/Toddler Care! We are so proud of you all!
Educating the Community
Our Director of Operations, Aurora Swain, participated as a panelist on a webinar taking a deeper dive into education and racial equity. Thank you United Way for the "Racial Equity Virtual Town Hall"

Board Training
Our board had members participate in a three-day workshop, Racial Equity Nonprofit Board Training, and the Racial Equity 21-Day Challenge with over 13,000 people. The workshop was hosted by United Way "to encourage nonprofit leaders to learn, inspire conversation and fuel change in the racial equity space by making their nonprofits more equitable."
Join Us!
At Families First everyone matters, and we are especially grateful for your prayers and your support.

Deeply grateful for the many ways that connect us,

Spencer Swain, Executive Director
Families First in Cabarrus County | https://familiesfirstcc.org/