Parents have always sought support in raising their children, regardless of circumstances, but the past year has shown us just how essential that support really is. Some families need only basic information and access to community resources to succeed. Other families are overburdened by poverty, lack of employment and education, homelessness, physical and cognitive limitations, domestic violence, mental health challenges, drug and alcohol abuse, and so much more. These families need more intense and targeted education and support to keep their children safe and thriving, and to maintain their own well-being so they can create a loving and safe home for their families. 

Since 2001, EPIC has facilitated the Families in Transition program to thousands of parents. FIT is a confidential and supportive space that focuses on a variety of topics such as parenting, literacy, emotional growth, communication, and non-violence. This intensive parenting program helps participants retain or regain custody of their children, while also improving their ability to positively enhance both their children’s future and their own.

To register, or find out how you can support the continuation of our FIT program, please contact Laurie Ferris at 716-332-4127.

In case you missed it:
  • Incredible Years is an evidence-based, two-part program for children ages birth through six years. Baby & Toddler aims to promote emotional and social competence, while Preschool Basic is designed to strengthen family interactions and build school readiness skills. 
  • Pathways to Character is an ongoing program created by teachers, to help children feel confident in their own selves and in how they relate to others. In this program, children learn the importance of trustworthiness, open-mindedness, fairness, citizenship, honesty, respect, self-reliance and caring.
  • Ready, Set, Read! accepts participants on a rolling basis - this literacy program is geared toward the whole family and taps into brain development, learning styles, vocabulary, comprehension and more.
  • Just For Teens kicked off early this month, with another session beginning March 1 - this program for pregnant and parenting teenagers focuses on support, not judgement, and builds their confidence and skills both as parents and individuals.
  • Triple P begins February 23 - this gentle parenting program covers topics like bedtime routines, hassle-free shopping, managing aggression and discipline strategies.
  • Monthly family engagement workshops covering topics like crisis & trauma, work/life balance and positive discipline. For a full schedule or to register, click here!
  • OneNY Safe Virtual Challenge: This is a year-long event by OneNY, where participants can commit to running, walking or biking anywhere from 31 to 2,021 miles throughout the year. This event is not only a great way to get outside safely and with purpose, but each registration can also support a charity or nonprofit of your choice. Team EPIC is off and running (literally and figuratively) so we hope you'll join us!

In gratitude,

Tara N. Burgess, Executive Director
and the entire EPIC team