FAITH AT HOME  for Families of Littles 
The Lord Is My Shepherd - March 15 

Pick and choose what you'd like to do together to hear God's Word that He is with us even in these scary time:

------ Music Time ------
Sing "Jesus Loves Me" 
Emphasize that the Bible tells us how much God loves us 

Sing "Mary Had a Little Lamb" 
Today's God's Great Story is about sheep. 
Talk about how sheep look, what they say, what they eat, who they follow?
Do you have any sheep toys? Perhaps dig out the sheep from your nativity set. 

Pass the Basket Offering 
If you choose, you could use your own basket to pass around and use the offering to do a random act of kindness throughout the week 
(pay for the person behind you at drive thru, buy an extra pack of diapers to donate) 

Sing "B-I-B-L-E" 
To the tune of BINGO
"There is a book that tells of God's love, t he Bible is it's name, oh,  B-I-B-L-E"
Todays we're going to learn from the Bible how much God loves us by learning one of the most famous poems called a Psalm. 

------ Story Time ------
Read  "The Lord Is My Shepherd" chapter of the Spark Story Bible on pg 158 
Watch this video of Psalm 23 - Don't forget to look for Squiggles! 
Spark Story Bible Psalm 23
Spark Story Bible Psalm 23

------ Story Playtime! ------
Families with Toddlers to Kindergartners 
There's LOTS to choose from! 
 Make it more fun by gluing on cotton balls for the sheep 

Families with Babies and Toddlers 
Read the Jesus The Good Shepherd pages in your Frolic Bible

Families with School Age Kids 

------ Pray Together ------
"Dear God, sometimes sad or scary things happen to us. Help us all to remember that you will protect us no matter what. Thank you for your mercy and goodness that will last forever. Amen."

------ Bless Each Other ------
Baa Blessing 
Say "God loves you little sheep" 
Respond with a loud "Baa" 
Do you have a kids Bible? 
We'd be happy to send one to your house! 
Normally we give a Frolic Bible when a child is baptized and a Spark Story Bible as a Milestone when a child is age 3 (as of Sept 2019). However in these extraordinary times we want to make sure everyone has access to God's Great Stories. 
Live Stream the 10:30am Worship or watch it anytime throughout the week. Pr Ben plans to preach about Jesus being our rock amongst the fear,  should be pretty good :)

Wondering how to talk about scary things like the pandemic with your kids? 

Again feel free to contact me with any question or just a listening ear.
My cell is 507-321-3627  Evan LOVES to FaceTime if your kid needs to see another kid :) 

We're super excited to celebrate God's Great Stories with you this year! Thank you for bringing hearts for living God's story with your family, community and Nativity! 

--Renee Hoffman
Children's Ministries - Pre-Birth to  Kindergarten