Families This Week
May 9, 2020

We heard you! We know you are getting a lot of information from a lot of different places so we want to scale back on what we send and make sure what we provide is helpful ! Beginning this week we will be sending an abbreviated family newsletter with some resources we think will be useful to you and your family. We will send a more robust Heart & Home newsletter once a month.
Greetings from Jill
There are so many reasons to celebrate this week including teachers, nurses, and mothers. All of these roles are essential and each person puts the needs of others above their own. In whatever way possible, big or small, show these people in your lives how grateful we are for their sacrifices. Whether its with a handwritten card or drawing, a gift card toward a meal, or organizing a virtual group meeting to sing their praises, any act of kindness will be appreciated. But these people mentioned do not function out of a need for praise or rewards. Love is what keeps them energized and moving forward. Love for their children, students, and patients, and all of human-kind.

As a mother of two small children, I work tirelessly to make certain their needs are met daily. Now more than ever before, my days are filled with household tasks including what seems like constant cooking, cleaning, therapy and referee sessions, helping them with online schooling, and finding time for fun. I am encouraged by the unlimited possibilities of their bright future. And my highest priority is making sure my kids know that they are loved and have a supportive network of family and friends. Because with that love and support, they should not be afraid to reach for the stars. The Bible story for this week reminds me that with a small seed of hope, an enormous tree of wonder can grow.

"A farmer plants the teeny, tiny mustard seed. But from that little speck of a seed grows a tree so big that birds can sit on its branches." Matthew 13:31-32. Amen.

To help illustrate this bible lesson to children, we encourage you to click on the puppet show link and copy of the bible lesson pages below. In addition, Nancy McGovern shares meditation and breathing exercises for children.

We have also put all of our family resources together on the Heart & Home page on our website for easy reference.
This Week's Highlighted Resources

Watch this week's puppet show as Pastor Dave as Joey, Ms Cathy as June Bug and Ms Jill lead us in a Bible Story about the mustard seed.

We also honor mothers and teachers.
Color Search with Nancy McGovern
Nancy provides great resources for parents of young children, and offers tips to help cope with anxiety and the struggles of staying home. This week she shares a Color Search Exercise that focuses on deep breathing.

Catch Ms. Nancy every Monday at 10am on her
´╗┐Corner of the Sky Facebook Live show as she brings you Movement, Music and Mindfulness.
Check out the following links (click on heading to go to a website link) for family activities and resources.

Growing Leaders at Home 
Here is a great activity designed for parents to do with your kids during these challenging days. Click here for a discussion and lesson on Homes & Apartments (Ownership). It is designed by Tim Elmore from Growing Leaders for this extended time of being alone.

We will feature a Growing Leaders at Home activity every week.
This Week's Hope in Action Activity
Mother s Day As a Special Day with Words
Celebrate Moms, Grandmothers and Special Women in Your Life!
Moms deserve their special moment. If you have a mom, grandmother, or special woman in your life let them know how special they are to you. If your mom is no longer here, take a moment to reflect on times spent with her and what gifts she brought to your life. Moms bless us all in ways for which we can never thank them enough!