Families This Week
June 6, 2020
Greetings from Jill
The news stories on TV lately have been so depressing. As a parent of young children, it worries me that the violence and political divisiveness will escalate, as well as spikes of the virus due to relaxing social distancing practices. But it also gives me hope that things can change for the better with the younger generation, those students graduating from high school and college, and also with my elementary age children. Not meant as a cliche, but they are our future. They see the world in color, not in black and white. They see our differences in culture and race, as things to celebrate and ways to learn from each other.

During worship this Sunday, we will be celebrating all graduates. It must be very disappointing for the students and families who will not have the big celebrations that were planned and face uncertainties about college schedules in the fall or the unsteady job market. Take this as an opportunity to reflect on how you can impact your community and serve others in need. My hope for all the graduates is that they do not become complacent in how things operate or the status quo. When they see behaviors and policies that are not equal to all, they speak out until every voice is heard.

Our weekly bible story based on Acts 2:1-41 describes the disciples filled with the Holy Spirit, allowing them to speak languages they did not know before. They told people in the streets about God's love for them. We can share that same message with our neighbors, by getting involved in our community and serving others. This summer, we will participate in Summer ACTS of Service . Each week we will describe a different way for your family to participate along with a new scripture verse from Acts. Keep watching online worship Sundays at 10 AM and reading our newsletters for more details.

We have also put all of our family resources together on the Heart & Home page on our website for easy reference.
This Week's Summer ACTS of Service Activity
New Serve Opportunity
Our Country is in extraordinary times. Systemic racial injustice that has been in place for over 400 years has been exposed like never before. If you are like me, you are searching for things you can do to.   It is important for us to learn and listen.  Here is a link  offering ways for us all to learn, reflect and act in ways that can affect change. By just reading through the action items, you are taking a step toward serving those on the margins.

For other serve projects and updates see the weekly Hope in Action newsletter here .
Hope in Action Featured Friend

We learned Sunday during worship, Flor Norris-Hoydilla will be leaving Crossroads at the end of June to become the Associate Pastor at Herndon United Methodist Church. Flor has been part of the Crossroads’ family for over 20 years. She has touched many lives along the way. As much as we would all love to honor Flor in person, let’s all take this time to send Flor a note, card, or even an email expressing your love, appreciation and best wishes for this new chapter in Flor’s life and faith journey. Send cards to Crossroads United Methodist Church, 43454 Crossroads Drive, Ashburn, VA. 20147. Email notes to  fnorris-hoydilla@crossroadsnova.org .
This Week's Highlighted Resources

Watch this week as Ms. Jill leads us in a Bible Story about Pentecost and the Holy Spirit.

Discuss with your family ways you can learn about Christians both near and far, that may speak a different language. What are the similarities and differences of how they live?
Check out the following links (click on heading to go to a website link) for family activities and resources.