Family, Purpose, Land
March 2021

Dear Friend,
Going to Israel, where I am from, to be with my sister Arnina on her 70th birthday wasn’t an easy decision. These are not simple times for travel. Being in Israel, which I left because I didn’t want to have certain things be done in my name, has only become more difficult over the last number of years. And, based on previous visits, I anticipated being challenged to stay both focused on purpose and open to life.
In the end, I made the decision based on the strength of my relationship with Arnina and on wanting to be there for her celebration. It was the first time I went to Israel within my current context of ongoing co-holding of purpose in several configurations while vagabonding in Europe. Being part of these small groups means stronger support structures, and we created two forms of support to carry me through this visit. Both have yielded remarkable results.
One form is a mourning practice. Specifically, while here, I receive a mourning challenge almost daily. The challenge consists of a topic and a particular number of things to mourn about it. I share my mournings on that topic with the three people who give me the practice, and I receive quick responses as accompaniment. They then give me the next challenge. Mourning is one of my two core practices now (the other one being saying “no”). I find that this mourning practice softens me and opens me. I am so touched by the results, that I have literally cut and pasted many of these mournings, added some reflections, and made it into a blog post. The most personal challenge was the five mournings about what it was like to grow up in this culture, and how its harshness affected the young me.
The most intense, though, was the assignment of six mournings for what Israeli culture could have been and isn’t. Here’s one of them, so you know what I am talking about: “Israel could have become a place of spiritual awakening, grappling with some of the most difficult questions about human nature, the meaning of life, and more in the wake of unimaginable horrors. Instead, Israel became a place of hardening, closing off, religious fanaticism, narrow nationalism, fear of the rest of the world, and in parallel, contempt for the spiritual.” The last one I share in that post is from February 18th, my 65th birthday, about how modern patriarchal cultures relate to the process of aging. I am so grateful for mourning, this path of bridging softly the gap between vision and what is.
The second form of support was for Arnina and me, together, to apply the vision mobilization framework to our relationship and to this visit. This one is still unfolding. Two friends have been supporting us (in Hebrew), to articulate our vision, and, from it, our values and our purpose, and, next, to identify activities and agreements between us that will serve our shared values and purpose.
Of all this, I want to share (which feels vulnerable and significant) the purpose: “To co-hold the Kashtan vision and bring it to its point of enoughness.” The vulnerability is about “admitting” that being oriented towards vision runs in our family. Father, mother, and three daughters have all been consumed with the fire of some version or another of Tikkun Olam, healing and repair of the world as it’s called in the Jewish tradition, which we all find some odd home within. So far, none of us has reached enoughness.
Arnina and I, alive, vibrant, creative, committed, are here as the last ones in the biological line. Our father and youngest sister Inbal both left behind them unfinished projects. Inbal never completed the articulation of her visionary parenting designed to fully reboot our patriarchal, intergenerational trauma with an uncompromising commitment to full collaboration in decision-making with children. You can find some inkling about this in another piece I wrote called “How Children Learn about Others’ Needs.” Our mother, 92 in a few days, cannot stop trying, despite significant cognitive loss. I am the first in the family to recognize enoughness as a possibility.
Through this newly articulated purpose that Arnina and I discovered, I am offering this option to Arnina, to counter, softly, her anguish about all the things she won’t get to; to join, with her, in shifting familial narratives and finding peace and closure before we die; to pass on, wisely, to others what we will not finish; to know what is ours and what is not, and release the latter. 
None of it is easy. The material conditions of our existence remain precarious with the weight of expenses that caring for our mother incurs. This is the second year we have needed to reach out to friends, colleagues, and others who read our respective newsletters for material support. The family narratives, immersed as they are within larger patriarchal narratives of success and failure, are formidable challenges. We want to dedicate ourselves, fully, to continuing to bring our respective and gradually intertwining bodies of work to an ailing world while simultaneously moving away from the typical ways people usually sustain themselves. This gets harder the more we discover about how close to the edge human life is at this time of impending collapse, and how much we need to shift gears, deeply and quickly. We are also saddled by Arnina’s body pains since her early childhood, severe sleep issues, proneness to overwhelm, and unhappy comparisons and negative self-evaluations, which are heartbreaking to me – and by my own helplessness in the face of all that.
Still, with all this, I am, for the umpteenth time, in awe of the power of clear purpose to realign us. In the days since we discovered and named our purpose, there is more softness and clarity in our time together. We’ve been in each other’s lives for the entirety of my lifetime, a full 65 years. (Our picture here is from the early 1990s.) We have deep grooves of relating that we have been working on changing for some years. The change in this visit feels both subtle and deep. The vision mobilization work (now being carried forward by a growing number of people within the Nonviolent Global Liberation community, supported by Emma Quayle’s leadership and deep intuitive wisdom)  is emerging as a key pathway for discovering the particular way an individual or group can plug into the endless flow of life, and thereby to participate in the epochal, last ditch effort to realign ourselves with life while it’s still possible. It’s exciting to feel the strength of the vision mobilization within my own family, and to know that we have something so tangible to offer to quench the thirst for meaning and longing for increased capacity that more and more people are uncovering at this time.
In peace and reverence,


P.S. If you want to hear more of what’s been happening in the last couple of months, click here for both work and personal celebrations and mournings, one more blog piece called “Needs Choreography and Mutual Influencing,” the launch of a new self-study course, a thick crop of inspirations, and more.

Credits, from top: Photo of flag by cottonbro from Pexels; Photo of Israeli checkpoint by SP flickr license CC BY-NC-ND 2.0; Photo of tree by veeterzy from Pexels; Photo of pills and money by ImagesMoney flickr CC BY 2.0; Kashtan family photo
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Maternal Gift Economy Salon
March 13, 9-11am PT 
With Miki Kashtan and Manasi Saxena

On November 27, 2020, a 700-people strong conference on the topic of Maternal Gift Economy: Breaking Through took place, featuring many women and inspired by the work of Genevieve Vaughan. This work continues with salons happening every two weeks. Miki’s topic is “How to Live a Gift Economy within an Exchange World?” based on experiments within NGL. Manasi’s topic is “Experimenting in Receiving while Giving,” based on the experiences within an organization she created in India to respond to needs under the pandemic. Registration is now open for these events, and every two weeks another pair of women lead another such salon. We definitely need more reminders that the idea that there is no alternative to market economy is just a myth.
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Introduction to Convergent Facilitation Intensive
May 22-23, 2021
With Roni Wiener and Magda Baranska
Now more than ever, we see the devastating consequences when stakeholders aren't involved in making decisions that affect them. This is a time of extraordinary challenge, change and opportunity. The world is hungry for people who have the skills to support a group to arrive at a decision that everyone can wholeheartedly embrace; one that is arrived at with surprising efficiency. Learn how! Save the date to attend Roni and Magda's intensive on May 22-23, available on a gift economy basis. If you’d like to be notified when registration opens, sign up here.

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Empathy Across Power Differences
March 13, 11am-1pm CET (Central Europe Time)

Miki’s session takes place as part of the Time for Empathy 2021 event in which people from various countries cooperate to offer online events connected to empathy and Nonviolent Communication (NVC). The event is online and lasts from March 7 - March 14. Our dream is to build the world based on understanding, inclusion, acceptance and dialogue.

Miki’s focus in this session is on how to surmount the challenges to empathic connection when there are power differences, which often create high stakes and low trust.

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A Personal Request for Support

My sister Arnina and I are immensely grateful and awed by the people who came forward to support us last year in our efforts to face growing challenges in caring for our 92-year-old mother, including mounting costs for care that is only very partially covered by the state. This year our expenses are lower than last year, as the state has authorized more support for her, and so our goal for the entire year is $12,000, for which we have set up a new GoFundMe page. So far, through Arnina’s efforts in Israel, we have $3,109, so we are now about $9,000 short for the rest of the year. We would be deeply grateful to anyone who is open to support us with this, with any amount.
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Learning Packets
Miki worked for years with her sister Inbal Kashtan to develop learning materials about NVC, and has continued to develop new materials after Inbal's death. We now have a total of eleven packets, and anticipate having five more by the time of the next newsletter. Meanwhile, Miki has completed a massive full revision of the structure of the packets to incorporate the entire NGL framework, giving you a better picture of the scope of this project and what’s coming over the next period, as Miki aims to complete the entire set by August 2022. All packets are available on a gift economy basis, with no paywall. The packets are in four categories: Learning about NVC; Overcoming Patriarchal Training; Applying NVC in the World; and Sharing NVC.
Many people are skeptical about money coming in when we provide content without a paywall. Our experience is a resounding affirmation that there is enough care and enough trust to begin to recreate flow. We are celebrating that so far this year people downloaded 247 items in 128 orders, giving an average $6.96 per item. Of these, 56 people didn't give any money, and we rejoice in that. One person contributed $100 for 1 packet. This is the transitional world we want to live in, for as long as money exists: access for everyone regardless of how much money they have, supported by those who have the capacity to give more. 

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The Highest Common Denominator

What if you could bring together any group of people to find solutions that are creative, satisfying, work for everyone, and actually get implemented?

In The Highest Common Denominator — Using Convergent Facilitation to Reach Breakthrough Collaborative Decisions, Miki Kashtan introduces a novel decision-making process that is designed to build trust from the very beginning, to surface concerns and address them, and to turn conflicts into dilemmas that groups feel energized to solve together.

This book is now available for purchase. For options about how to access the book, visit The Highest Common Denominator.
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Learning and Support Community
Strengthen your commitment to nonviolence
With Helen Adamson and Claudia Sánchez
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January 2021 - January 2024 (34 modules of 3 sessions each)
6:00 - 8:00 pm CET (Central Europe Time) Find your time zone

An ongoing series of independent units or modules, each one designed to support participants in engaging, in community, with one of the 34 Core Nonviolence Commitments. The series is for people who want to strengthen their commitment to nonviolence and increase their ability to put it into practice in their day-to-day lives. Prior NVC experience is highly recommended. You may register for the series at any time; once you are registered you will receive an email invitation once a month to RSVP, if you like, for the next module.

Upcoming modules:
March: Commitment #3. Risking my Significance
April: Commitment #4. Responsibility
May: Commitment #5. Care for My Life

Nonviolence is a way of being and living that orients, in thought, word, and deed, towards integrating love, truth, and courage in individual and collective action aimed at preserving what serves life and at challenging what doesn’t to transform itself so the human family can realign with life. -Miki Kashtan
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Reducing Financial Barriers to Training in Nonviolence
We have been granted an opportunity to designate a small fund to offer support to members of marginalized communities to increase access to educational opportunities in the fields of nonviolence, including Nonviolent Communication (NVC), Kingian Nonviolence, and Nonviolent Global Liberation (NGL).

At BayNVC, we are painfully aware of the enormous systemic obstacles that block full participation in shaping and benefiting from training in nonviolence. One specific example is that the vast majority of people who participate in NVC training in much of the world are from white and middle class backgrounds. We hope this fund will be a small contribution to change in this area.

To see if this scholarship may be a support to you or someone you know visit the project here:

We are also inviting continued contributions from our community and anyone else who is excited about what we are aiming to do. Let us know if you want to participate, and let others within your communities know about this project so that we can continue to offer this support into the future. If you are inspired to make contribution, please click here and choose “Reducing Barriers to Training in Nonviolence” as your designation.