March 29th-April 2nd Family Activities Newsletter

Welcome to week 37 of the WMHT Family Activities Newsletter.
This weekly family newsletter is providing resources for children’s growing and learning throughout the spring months.
The Learn Along Bingo theme for this week is Map Skills.
I hope you find this helpful!
Barbara Lukas, Family Learning Coordinator
Theme: Learn Along Bingo: Map Skills
Welcome to Learn Along Bingo with PBS Kids! This week we learn maps are models of places and show physical and human-made features. Studying maps, we learn about where objects and places are located.
Two age level areas are available – PreK-K and Grades 1-2. 
This week’s mapping activities help children understand distances, and to know how far away one thing is from another. For other activities you can make your own telescope with Lets Go Luna. Or maybe you will play the hide & seek game with Peg + Cat.

       Hunting for Treasure Up, Down, All Around
Use this Cat in the Hat suggestion to create a treasure hunt. Make your own treasure chest, hide it, and then draw a map for someone to find the chest. Did they find your treasure chest?  
Grades 1-2
Activities this week include learning from maps of land and sky. Using your flashlight and the pictures from Ready Jet Go!, make constellations of the night sky. Maybe create some of your own constellations.

    Explore What Saturn’s Rings Are Made of With 3D Art
Continue with Ready Jet Go! and create a model of Saturn with its seven bands of rings using different materials. As you create, notice the similarities and differences of Saturn’s rings and the materials you’ve chosen to use for your 3D art.

America’s Test Kitchen Young Chefs’ Club
As you are watching the finals of March Madness, or having a game night at home, you may be looking for a tasty snack. Check out this Buffalo Lavash Flatbread snack from America’s Test Kitchen Young Chefs’ Club. Ingredients are chicken, cheese, lavash flatbread, spinach, and some hot [or not so hot] sauce. You may need some help using the oven. Enjoy!

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