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JUNE 2019
Is there a tax incentive to invest in Qualified Opportunity Fund?

Mariana Moghadam, CPA, SobelCo
Mary Ford, CPA, SobelCo
When the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) was enacted into law in December of 2017, it contained many new provisions and incentives that are still evolving.

One tax incentive that is included in TCJA was designed to encourage long-term growth and economic development in economically distressed neighborhoods called Qualified Opportunity Zones, or QOZ. Because this is such a hot topic, we are providing an overview of some of the key elements. However, this is not a complete and detailed assessment. To understand this aspect of TCJA as it relates to your unique situation, we will be happy to schedule a confidential consultation at your convenience.
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Valuing a Medical Practice and Physician's Consideration of
Next Steps

Sobel Valuations LLC
Many physicians who have established medical practices reach a point when he or she starts to think about exit strategies and possibly selling their practice. The physician has a lot of options to consider, some of which are listed below:
  • Hire a younger physician who will eventually buy the owner out.
  • Sell to a larger healthcare organization such as a large medical group or a hospital system that employs physicians (or has other arrangements).
  • Potentially be part of a roll up into a large medical super group typically put together by private equity.
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