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January 2019
US Citizens Living Abroad Have A US Tax Obligation: Understanding the Rules
By Scott Shapiro, CPA, CGMA, SobelCo
What Responsibilities Do We Have as US Citizens Living Outside the Country?

No matter where a US citizen lives or works in the world, they are governed by US Tax law that requires filing a US tax return and a Foreign Bank Account Report (FBAR) each year. This world-wide tax obligation has been around for close to 160 years but many of those impacted by it are unaware of its existence. 
What's New at SobelCo
This year is off to a wonderful start.

On January 1, 2019 the firm announced that Mariana Moghadam and John R. Mellage were named members of the Firm. Both have exemplified the firm’s client-centric philosophy and have contributed much as leaders throughout their tenure here.
Financial Wellness at Work Matters: Healthy, Happy, Loyal Employees Contribute to Developing a Healthy, Happy, More Profitable Workplace!
By Liz Harper, CPA, SobelCo
It is well known that employees bring their deep fears regarding a lack of personal financial wellbeing to the workplace, thereby generating tension and introducing worry into the corporate culture. This high level of stress felt by employees regarding their current and future financial well-being is not imagined. It is very real – and it is now being acknowledged by the corporate world.
Beware the SSA Phone Scam!
While phone scams have been around for years, they continue to be perpetrated because people fall for them. Odds are, if you cast a wide enough net, someone will be caught in it. 

Just today, a colleague of mine notified me that while she was in a meeting, her cell phone rang and caller ID indicated the call was from the Social Security Administration (“SSA”). She answered, and was greeted by a recording informing her that her Social Security benefits were going to be seized and she should continue on the call in order to provide information to clear up the issue. Luckily, my colleague is quite savvy about fraud scams, and she hung up immediately. However, scams continue because many people are not so shrewd. 
January 17, 2019  
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February 5, 2019
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