Strategies for Success
November 2018
What's a Niche - and Why is it a Business Advantage
Define a Niche and other internet sources agree on the definition of a niche as a “specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service.” The concept of a niche has broad appeal as any company or professional firm providing services or products can embrace the philosophy of focusing on specific offerings intended for a well-defined target market.

What's New at Sobel & Co. and Sobel Tinari Economics Group
On November 1st we started the month with Rebecca Fitzhugh , SobelCo Member in Charge of the firm’s Forensic Accounting and Litigation Support Practice speaking at the Women’s Empowerment Summit hosted by Joetta Clark Diggs on “Personal Security in a Personal Age – Keeping Your Safe.” Her presentation addressed many of the challenges regarding identity theft and the vulnerability we all face managing our personal data on the deep or dark web. 

Sobel & Co., NJ District Export Council and the Northern NJ office of United States Commercial Services partnered on November 6, 2018 for another successful networking event celebrating the manufacturing/exporting community in New Jersey.   

Client Spotlight is on Tri-County Scholarship Fund
This month’s SobelCo Client Spotlight is shining on the Tri-County Scholarship Fund (TCSF), a nonprofit founded in 1981 that provides the best and most direct way to support the critical educational needs of the most financially disadvantaged children in northern New Jersey. In so doing, Tri-County makes a meaningful and lasting impact on these children and on the communities in which they live
The Difference Between Playing to Win and Playing Not to Lose
By Sally Glick, Sobel & Co.
When I was at dinner with my colleague Marjorie, a successful entrepreneur, we began talking about why some businesses seem to get stuck at “good” and never quite make it to “great” as described in Jim Collin’s well-known book on the same topic. We agreed that much of the responsibility lies with the business leader. But why does this happen?

Women in International Trade
Financial Executives' Roundtable