Family Center Expansion Newsletter and Stewardship Report
Vol. 8 - June 30, 2021
“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.
―Coretta Scott King

A Note from Board Chair Scot Guempel...

Dear Friends,

I am inspired by these words of the late Coretta Scott King as I write this to thank you for your generosity and support of our YMCA. I have had the pleasure and honor to serve as on the Board of Directors of the YMCA over the past 12 years and as Chairman for the past three years. As a life-long member of Madison, I have always been humbled and inspired by the generosity and kindness of our beloved community, which also includes the Chathams and Florham Park.   
As you know, we have been on a mission these last few years, to build out an expanded YMCA facility. While the actual construction started about 18 months ago, planning was years in the making. The demands of the community were outpacing the ability of the Y to deliver services given the confines of a structure that was built in 1962. The community was asking for something to be done. Together, we are now accomplishing something truly remarkable.
Because of your generous support, we will be opening our new facility later this summer, in a phased approach. What will the new facility provide?

  • A new eight-lane pool and aquatics center for competitive swimming, in addition to our existing and updated four-lane pool for lessons and warm water therapy. 
  • A new state-of-the-art gymnasium for competitive youth programs and adult sports including full- and half-court basketball, volleyball and pickle ball. 
  • An expanded facility that will allow for greater services to our community in the areas of health, wellness, nutrition, and chronic disease management.  
After all the years of planning and preparation, fundraising, and construction we are almost there! We started this project just six months before the start of a worldwide pandemic. Yet, despite the pandemic we soldiered on. Not only did the Y survive, but it thrived, continuing to provide services to our community. Our success is attributable to the outstanding leadership of the YMCA Board of Directors, management and staff under the leadership of CEO Diane Mann. They had to work tirelessly and creatively to deliver the services that were still needed in the community. It was an incredible accomplishment. While the building was closed, and then reopened at a reduced capacity, the business of the Y continued. Youth programs, group classes, virtual classes, personal training, wellness bays continued in addition to food drives, COVID-19 testing, blood drives and other community services.   
I am incredibly proud of our Y and our community. Together, we are accomplishing something that will benefit people of all ages for many decades. Not only did we continue the business of the Y during construction, we did it during a pandemic! 
This has been a community journey that has also been personal. I grew up in Madison, near the Y. I have wonderful memories of YMCA swimming, basketball, and campouts with my father. I have those same fond memories, with my children.   

The project has been financed with available resources, including your generous donations. More than 1,000 of our community members have graciously donated. Individual donations ranged from over $1 million to $25. We are still in need of more resources to minimize any borrowing costs and to secure a more stable financial foundation for our programs. We would be over 100% financed if it were not for an unplanned $900,000 expenditure to remodel the existing four-lane pool, a need that was detected only after construction was well under way.   
We are investing in the families and children who will benefit in the future. Someone had the foresight to start our YMCA in 1873. Others had the foresight and resources to invest in our current facility in 1962. I feel as though I benefited from that. Maybe we are paying this back. Maybe we are paying it forward. Any way I look at it, I feel we are doing something to strengthen our community.   
I started with a quote from Coretta Scott King. I will end with one from Warren Buffett: “Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” 
Won’t you help me in planting our community tree? Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and to consider making an additional gift.

Keep reading for more updates and photos of the Family Center Expansion project, and our newest video with a sneak peek of the expansion featuring many Y staff!  
Best Regards, 

Scot Guempel
Board Chair
There's Never Been A Better Time to Build a Better US!
Fundraising History Has Been Made!

We are excited to report we have reached our $10.5 million fundraising mark in community giving in support of the Family Center Expansion Project to date! This historic goal was made possible from more than 1,000 donors, with more than 1,600 donations. Thank you to our many generous donors who have made this fundraising milestone a reality!

While we celebrate this achievement, we know we still have more fundraising to do to continue to cover the cost of the project. Please consider making a gift to ensure we can better serve the needs of our community today and in the future.

Get your dancing shoes on! Watch our video below to get a sneak peek as our staff dance their way through the expansion!
Build by the Numbers

Let's take a fun look at the numbers it takes to build our expansion.

2,800... The tons of asphalt to pave our parking lot.

4,000... The total feet of striping to add lines in the parking lot.

33... The total number of different subcontractors engaged for the Family Center Expansion project.

268,000... The number of tons of water that will fill our new Aquatics Center pools.
But our purpose is deeper than a pool...

366... The number of donors who have given to our capital campaign so far in 2021, to help make our vision a reality.

Thank you to all of our donors! Together, we can build a better us.
Paving the Way: Donor Update

Our new second entrance is now lined with engraved pavers from more than 400 donors that helped pave the way! Inside the doors of our expansion, there will be people of all ages participating in programs to better themselves.
Our more than 1,000 donors have made this important capital expansion possible! Because of you, we can build an enduring future and renew our community. We started this effort three years ago and our donors have been with us through all phases of the project. Thank you for being part of our Y community as we build for the future!
Paving the Way: Engraved Donated Pavers - on 6-25-21.
Exterior Glass Windows to the 8-Lane Pool and New Second Entrance with Pavers - on 6-25-21.
New Second Entrance Interior Lobby - on 6-25-21.
Timeline Update: Aquatics Center Structure
As we continue work on the corridor and auxiliary fitness areas, Aquatics Center flooring and interior finishes phase, we are in the final construction phase before we start the process of beginning to open our expansion in a phased approach.
Our 8-lane pool is filled with water, lane lines are installed, and diving blocks are in place. We recently set up our new Colorado Time System scoreboard and digital display system. Additional pool equipment installation is underway!
Our new gymnasium will be "game ready" by early fall to welcome back our Lady Gators and Gators basketball teams, open gym use, indoor sports programs, pickleball and more. Basketball backboards and the traditional and LED scoreboards are installed. The full court is sure to be a slam dunk!

We are also working on renovations to our existing gymnasium, transforming it into a functional training area. It will include expanded fitness space, a turf field area, strength and free-weight training and more new equipment.

We can't wait to welcome our community into these new spaces!

The expansion general timeline graphic above is accurate as of 6/30/21 and is subject to change. Updates will be provided as needed.
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*This information is accurate as of 6/30/21 and is subject to change. Updates will be provided as needed.
Recognizing the needs of our members and neighbors, and the challenges and limitations of our current facility, the Madison Area YMCA has launched a community fundraising campaign to expand our Y and to continue our mission of providing financial assistance to those who need us. With your help, we will provide additional services to encourage a healthy and active community. Together, we will connect neighbors and families, strengthening the social bonds that promote understanding. Through your generosity, the YMCA mission will reach more people in our community, making sure we can say “yes” today and in the future. For more information about financial assistance or to make a tax-deductible donation, please call 973-822-YMCA (9622) or visit us at