Family Center Expansion Newsletter and Stewardship Report
Vol. 6 - March 22, 2021

Dear Friends,

Our long planned Family Center expansion has fully taken shape and we’re closer than ever to opening our exciting sports and aquatics complex, all thanks to you! Your generosity and commitment over the last few years has shown the importance of this major project to our Y community now and for the future. Thank you for making so much possible through your support.

Coming as we start the spring season, this update explains how we have put your many generous gifts to work on our expansion over the last year. Following the winter snowstorms and cold, we now see energizing signs of renewal with increased outdoor and indoor activity throughout our community and in our Y. We have remained vigilant in maintaining health protections across all of our Y programs, and an increasing number of members are returning, getting reacquainted with Y friends after several months away. We are thrilled to welcome our members, both newcomers and long-time participants, through our doors this month. Thank you for staying with us through the challenges of the last year, and supporting us in so many ways to complete this expansion that will serve our members, and future members, for many years to come.

I hope that the enclosed report conveys our gratitude to you for being an essential part of this wonderful new era of expanded Y services for our community. Please enjoy reading about the construction and how your support has helped us to make our expansion plans a reality. We have another exciting opportunity this spring to boost our contributions through the new “If you give a member a mission …” challenge: If we can raise 300 more gifts from members by May 1, one of our wonderful, dedicated Y Board members will contribute a generous $100,000 gift, further moving us to our total goal of $10.5M! I hope you’ll consider being a part of this spring challenge.

Above all, please know how grateful we are for your commitment to our Y and your generosity in so many ways in helping to build the future of our Y community.


Diane Mann
President & CEO
There's Never Been A Better Time to Build a Better US!
Capital Campaign Update

We are happy to report we have received more than $9.69 million in community giving in support of the Family Center Expansion Project to date from nearly 1,000 donors, with more than 1,400 donations. Our goal is to raise $10.5M by June 2021. Thank you to our many generous donors!
Our Vision is Almost Complete...
Watch Our New Expansion Project Updates Video
Build by the Numbers
This isn't your childhood "paint by numbers" kit, but rather a fun look at the numbers it takes to build our expansion.

3,402... The cubic feet of concrete poured to create the new pool deck.

15,000... The total linear feet of electrical conduit being run in the expansion.

268,000... The number of tons of water that will fill our new Aquatics Center pools.
But our purpose is deeper than a pool...

221... The number of donors who have given so far in 2021, to help make our vision a reality.

Thank you to all of our donors! Together, we can build a better us.
A Look Inside: Donor Update
With our new glass windows installed, the future is clear! Inside the windows of our expansion there will be people of all ages participating in programs to better themselves.
Our nearly 1,000 donors have made this important capital expansion possible! Because of you, we can build an enduring future and renew our community. We started this effort three years ago and our donors have been with us through all phases of the project. Thank you for being part of our Y community as we build for the future!
Glass Windows - on 3-18-21.
Timeline Update: Aquatics Center Structure
As we continue work on the corridor and auxiliary fitness space, Aquatics Center flooring and interior finishes phase, we are nearing the end of our construction!

We are excited to share that our newly-renovated 4-lane pool is estimated to reopen early summer! Stay tuned for updates along the way of our 4-lane pool and future Aquatics Center featuring lap swim, group swim lessons and private lessons, lifeguard training classes, water group exercise, family swim and more.

Diving block installation for our 8-lane pool is underway. The deck slab was poured and glass windows were recently installed, transforming the space. Seven of the eight lanes in our new pool will be named for donors. Only one of the new lanes is available for naming! Please email Associate Development Director Melissa DeSalvo for more information on naming opportunities.

Our new gymnasium is almost "game ready"! Basketball backboards and the traditional and LED scoreboards are installed. The full court is sure to be a slam dunk!
The expansion general timeline graphic above is accurate as of 3/22/21 and is subject to change. Updates will be provided as needed.
If You Give A Member A Mission...Homestretch Challenge
Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It...

Members and donors continue to generously support building more space for our members and community through our Family Center Expansion. An active and dedicated Y member and donor offered a challenge to inspire other members to make donations of their own. If an additional 300 members (even if a gift was already donated previously) give to the Family Center Expansion Campaign from March 1 - May 1, our challenge donor will contribute $100,000!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to join our generous challenge donor and count yourself among the 300 members who achieve the fundraising goal. Every active member and every amount counts! With less than $1 million remaining, every donation brings our shared vision closer to realization and has a meaningful impact.

Click here to learn more or donate today!
We're in the us build for the future.

For many, the Y is a second home, where we can connect, learn, grow and thrive. GIVE TODAY to the Madison Area YMCA’s Family Center Expansion Project and help us build for the future! Your donation to the Madison Area YMCA’s Family Center Expansion Project will help us reach our goal. The Homestretch Challenge supports our Capital Campaign to expand the Madison Area YMCA. Make a difference in the life of your family, and the community as a whole now and for years to come. Together, we can leave a legacy for future generations, just as community members of the past made our current facility possible. Please join us in supporting this important community project.

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*This information is accurate as of 3/22/21 and is subject to change. Updates will be provided as needed.
Recognizing the needs of our members and neighbors, and the challenges and limitations of our current facility, the Madison Area YMCA has launched a community fundraising campaign to expand our Y and to continue our mission of providing financial assistance to those who need us. With your help, we will provide additional services to encourage a healthy and active community. Together, we will connect neighbors and families, strengthening the social bonds that promote understanding. Through your generosity, the YMCA mission will reach more people in our community, making sure we can say “yes” today and in the future. For more information about financial assistance or to make a tax-deductible donation, please call 973-822-YMCA (9622) or visit us at