Week of 05/29/22 - 06/04/22
When the Spirit Says Move

There was a camp song I remember singing called "When the Spirit Says Move". It was a pretty straightforward song that was a gentle reminder of a truth about the Holy Spirit. When the Spirit calls and guides, it guides us to move! When we follow and are more open to it the process seems to go much more smoothly. When we dig in...it gets complicated because the Spirit is really persistent and insistent. What is the Spirit moving us towards? As we look at the Pentecost story some things start to clarify: inclusion of all types of people, stirring to words and actions, telling of the good news about Jesus, a movement that makes people question it or laugh at it, and lots of people sharing the story of what God has done in Jesus Christ. The Spirit is still with us and still moving us. How can we answer the call and follow? Have a good weekend!
Join us tomorrow for in-person Sunday School during the 10:00 service! We'll be talking about Pentecost!

After the children's prayer in the Sanctuary, we'll head with Carol to the Orange Sunday School room.

You can come to pick up your child(ren) to join in on Communion or pick them up after the service is over.

Last week we wondered about Paul's journey to Rome! Was Paul scared at all? Was he upset when people didn't listen to him? How hard did Paul have to fight to convince them?

You can also utilize our digital family resources for weeks you're not able to join us at church!

Digital Family Resources on Youtube:

I wonder...what do you think Pentecost sounded like?

Next Sunday: Join us on Sunday for Sunday School for ages 3- 5th grade at 10:00! We will be talking about Philip and the Ethiopian! Digital resources will continue to be available for those weeks when you can't join us in person.
Junior High And High School

Join us for Summer Movie Fest! I know Summers are filled with travel...especially this year. Anytime you are here on Sunday at 10:00 am, we are here. Join us over in the youth room to share highs and lows, watch a part of a movie and talk about how it connects with our faith. See you tomorrow!

Next Sunday: Summer Movie Fest continues! Join us for our current film and discussion about how it connects to our faith!
Upcoming Events

June 5th- Worship at 8:30 and 10:00 am. Recharge and Children's Sunday School at 10:00 am. Worship and Digital Family resources come out (Everyone)

June 5th- Games Sunday after the 10:00 service! Stay for pizza and games (Everyone)

June 12th- Worship at 8:30 and 10:00 am. Recharge and Children's Sunday School at 10:00 am. Worship and Digital Family resources come out (Everyone)