Week of 01/02/22 - 01/08/22
Feeding Others

One of the traditional but unspoken hallmarks of the Lutheran church is that we feed people. Whether it's our history of potlucks, which doesn't exclusively define all Lutherans. Or our food pantry that feeds people weekly. Or our fellowship over dinner or Lenten soup suppers. We are a people that gathers around food and hospitality. Which if you think about it, really makes sense with our focus on the sacraments...especially communion. This expression of God feeding us is then turned around and shared among each other and the world. This is great that we feed people's physical hunger but I also strongly believe that we each bear a message of grace and love that can feed people's spiritual hunger. That God is with them and for them. That God is loving and merciful, not punitive and judgemental. That we are better together than we are going at it alone. We experience that at communion as well! How is god feeding you recently? As we look into a new year, let us joyfully share the feast that we share each week. Have a good weekend!
Digital Sunday School is Back!

Ready for you whenever you have ~10 minutes free to connect together. Use it on Sunday morning while Sunday School is on break! Use it mid-week! Use it on a car trip to and from school/an activity!

Start by viewing the Sunday School video together on Youtube:

Another Activity (or two) to keep that connection rolling!:

Bake/Make Together- Make and enjoy a baked good or a meal together. What do you like about this recipe? What memory do you have of enjoying it? What is your favorite food you never get tired of eating?

Feeding Others- Next time you are at the store pick up some canned goods for our food pantry. Bring them with you to church the next time you are there to donate so they can go to another family.

I wonder...what is something that you miss?

Next Sunday: Sunday School is planning to resume in February! Join us for worship, Children's Church at 11:00, and continue to utilize digital Sunday School!
Junior High And High School

Recharge is on pause and planning to resume in February! Here is an easy way to connect with Scripture and with those around you:

Read/listen to the passage once
-What word or phrase stood out to you?

Read/listen to the passage again
-What is God trying to tell us through this passage?

Read/listen to the passage one last time
-Pray for what still lingers in your heart after this time, or the Lord's Prayer, or any prayer that is meaningful to you.
Upcoming Events

January 9th- Worship at 8:30 and 11:00 am. Worship and Family Sunday School video comes out. (Everyone)

January 16th- Worship at 8:30 and 11:00 am. Worship and Family Sunday School video comes out. (Everyone)

January 23rd- Worship at 8:30 and 11:00 am. Worship and Family Sunday School video comes out. (Everyone)